7 Washing Machine Problems And Solutions – How To Solve Them

7 Washing Machine Problems And Solutions – How To Solve Them

There are many ways a washing machine may break down or encounter issues so, I have inferred washing machine problems and solutions to make your laundry easier.

Common Washing Machine Problems And Solutions

Below are the major issues and their solutions when using a washing machine:

  1. Power On Problem
  2. Drainage Problems
  3. Spinning Problem
  4. Vibration Problem
  5. Noise Problem
  6. Detergent Problem
  7. Smell Problem

What To Do When My Laundry Machine Doesn’t Power On

What To Do When My Laundry Machine Doesn't Power On

If your washing machine doesn’t power on, it could be something very simple to fix. The first thing to do is to check appropriately whether your laundry machine is getting power.

You can use a multimeter to check your laundry machine’s voltage. And if there is no power, you may need to check your circuit breakers to ensure they haven’t tripped. Also, check your outlet to be sure everything is intact before you hire a technician.

Another issue that may cause your laundry machine not to power on may be because the motor has overheated. It is normal for a motor to overheat from time to time, but it is advisable to hire a technician if this happens frequently.

Also, you may need to check your lid sensor because a lid sensor will stop the washing machine from working when the door is open. Check if the sensor has not to damage because it may not recognize when the door is shut.

What To Do When My laundry Machine Has Drainage Problems

What To Do When My laundry Machine Has Drainage Problems

When you look at the washer’s problems, you can never ignore drainage. Yes, when your laundry machine is overflowing, this is a sign of a drainage issue. A clogged drain hose may cause this. Remove the hose gently, check for clogs, and then use a garden hose to free the clogs and debris from the drain hose.

However, if it is not the hose, it may be from your drain pump. Check to be sure if your pump has not been jammed by foreign objects such as pens, pencils, coins, or other hard objects that can get wedged.

Check properly for those items to be sure that your pump is not at fault. Lastly, when you use beyond the detergent quantity recommended to you, it may get too many suds, affecting the drain from draining quickly. Anytime something like this occurs, you have to wait for your laundry machine to drain.

What To Do When Your Washing Machine Doesn’t Spin

What To Do When Your Washing Machine Doesn't Spin

You load your washing machine, but it doesn’t spin. This may be due to some probable causes. The major problem may be that you’ve overloaded your washing machine. Your laundry machine becomes unbalanced with overloads, and it may also be caused by clothing that is not well distributed or arranged.

All you have to do is to unload your laundry machine and load it with a smaller load. Also, check your motor to be should it’s properly working. Else, you will need to call a technician to check your motor for issues.

If you didn’t solve the problem, check this blog for more advice.

Washing Machine Vibrating

Washing Machine Vibrating

Sometimes when you are doing laundry, your washing machine starts to vibrate. There are so many reasons your laundry machine could be vibrating. Check to know if your machine is unbalanced, the machine is not level, or perhaps the feet may not be properly locked in and contacting the floor. Ensure you rearrange your machine’s load and ensure you are loading your washing machine correctly to avoid shifting.

Check the floor to know if it is properly level. Else you may need to add another 3/4 –inch of plywood under your washing machine. Lastly, make sure your washing machine feet are in firm contact with the floor. If not, it has adjustable front leveling legs with a lock nut. Adjust each leg to the normal height and ensure you tighten the lock nut up against the body of your machine to keep it from rotating.

What To Do When Your Washing Machine is Making Strange Noises

What To Do When Your Washing Machine is Making Strange Noises

Sometimes sounds such as gurgling or humming may be caused by external objects caught in the washing machine, clogged drains, or internal sensors. The sound sometimes may mean that an external object is in the washing machine drain. Ensure to check your drain and remove any external objects that may be inside it.

Also, try to check and remove any items from the pocket before washing. If your laundry machine makes an unwanted noise, it may indicate that the washing machine drain is partially clogged. Check the line and remove whatsoever blockages you may find before a real problem occur.

What To Do When My Laundry Machine Dispensers Are Still Full Of Detergent

What To Do When My Laundry Machine Dispensers Are Still Full Of Detergent

One of the major causes of an automatic dispenser malfunctioning is applying the wrong formula or improper cleaning. Check your washer manual to be sure you are on the right path in designated dispensers. If your manual instructs you to use liquid bleach, don’t use powder bleach. Also, make sure to clean your dispensers at least twice a month.

What To Do When My Washing Machine Smells Funny

What To Do When My Washing Machine Smells Funny

Washing machine odors are common, but simple and better maintenance is to keep your washing machine and laundry room smelling clean at all times. Ensure to use the exact amount of detergent because too many suds leave dirty residue on washing machine parts. Cleaning your machine and laundry room at least twice a month helps to prevent smelly residue.

Lastly, make sure to regularly check around your washing machine for mold and mildew growth because it may also be due to moisture, which must be attended to immediately. Mildew and mold are not only unpleasant smells, but they are also dangerous to health.


In conclusion, one can face many problems if a machine is being used in it, whether it is a laundry machine or any other. So, we have collected some more often washer problems and solutions for you. However, suppose you still experience one or two of the problems discussed above with your laundry machine after following the tips mentioned above. In that case, it may be high time you hire a technician to diagnose your washing machine. So, just follow the above-written solutions and have a problem-free laundry!

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