8 Cheap Washing Machines Under $300

Cheap Washing Machines Under $300

Are you looking for cheap washing machines under $300 that occupy little space and at an affordable price? The full-size washing machine gets so bulky you won’t manage to install it if you live a mobile life. 

Sometimes we want to go hiking and experience the adventure of the outdoor world. Would you not like the idea of sharing all the fun and getting to do your laundry with ease? 

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17lb, Twin Tub Washer and Spin Dryer ComboGelbchu Twin Tub Washing MachineBuy Now
Goodtrades Mini Portable Dryer and WasherGoodtrades Mini Portable Dryer and WasherBuy Now
DENSORS Portable Single Tub WasherBuy Now
JupiterForce Washing MachineJupiterForce Washing MachineBuy Now
COMFEE' Portable Washing MachineCOMFEE' Portable Washing MachineBuy Now

If you knew how to save a few dollars by doing your laundry at your comfortable place, it wins the bargain. Let’s have a look at the 8 washing machines which lie within your budget.

Pyle Portable Washer and Spin

8 Cheap Washing Machines Under $300
  • You will find the control features friendly to use
  • The device accommodates 7.7 pounds of laundry
  • You will easily move the device around the house
  • You will notice a slight increase in water and electricity bills
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You won’t struggle when using this machine because it comes equipped with easy control features. With a top-loading system, loading your laundry inside will be easy and efficient. The wash cycle has a timer set for monitoring the wash cycle and controlling the draining and programs. Spinning gets a spin timer as well, so you will find it easy to spin your clothes.

You will wash your clothes to the last one since this device will accommodate up to 7.7 pounds of the laundry load. Since the motor has the power needed for these processes, it will give you durability in every washing cycle. 

The best thing about this device, you don’t require any special installation while using it. By connecting the water inlet and drain hose, you will perfectly enjoy your washing activities. 

Nictemaw Portable Washing Machine

Nictemaw Portable Washing Machine
  • The product has durable material
  • Easy to carry during hikes and camping
  • The machine can do both wash and spin cycles
  • The many water levels may lead to excessive water use
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This unique machine will let you do your laundry in style. Although it has only one tub, it can wash and spin your clothes. You only need to do one cycle at a time and have the clothes washed and spun in no time. If your house has a space challenge, consider buying this product. You will find it easy to keep at one corner and connect it to the sink whenever you use it.

The quality plastic making up the machine won’t wear out quickly, and you get the tubs made of stainless steel. Rusting or breaking won’t bother you when using the device. With ten programs all listed and a Led display, you will find this machine easy to use. 

The cloth loads will determine which water level to use since this machine has eight water level indications. It will not require special installation to make the machine run. The lightweight also attributes easy movement around your apartment, dorm, or any other place you need to use the device.

The manufacturers made this device and designed it to guarantee you quick service.

RCA Portable Washing Machine

8 Cheap Washing Machines Under $300
  • The small size makes this device occupy less space
  • Easy to carry during vacations
  • The device has easy to use control features
  • This machine may add to your electricity bill
  • Some people find the price a bit high
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You will love this portable washing machine with incredible features. The size fits your space and will allow you to walk freely without constantly contacting it. In addition, the manufacturers made the device both waterproof and sunproof. So even if you carried it during your camping trips and it had to stay outside, you will be comfortable. Neither sun nor rain will cause damage to this product.

Don’t you find it intriguing? I loved the fact that you may keep it outside as long as you had a water connection and keep enjoying easy laundry washing at the comfort of your adventure trip. 

The top lid makes it easy to open at the top loader without removing the lid completely. The design helps in accessing the control panel for easy management. This product makes controlling easy and less tedious. Some machines have a complicated cover that requires complete removal for easy function. But this device has all its functions simplified and unique.

I found the designers of this machine very creative. The device has three of its sides with cover, while the back has no cover for ventilation. You will love the design, the color, and the features making up this item. With a budget of under $300, you will get to enjoy the economical washing machine anywhere you want.

Gelbchu Semi-Automatic Twin Tub washing machine

Gelbchu Semi-Automatic Twin Tub washing machine
  • This device has two operational tubs.
  • The machine washes and spins faster than other single-tub machines
  • You will get it cheaply
  • The device has few reviews
  • Your water bill will slightly increase when using this machine
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If you need a washing machine that has a simple operation procedure with excellent functioning, this device will be right for you. The dewatering cylinder has stainless steel so that it won’t rust. Rusting poses a risk to this equipment since when they rust, they stop operating smoothly. 

With this machine, you get two operational tubs. One will do the washing while the other one gets to do the spinning. The positive reviews help in rating this device at four stars. It will mean that most people have had great experiences using the Gelbchu semi-automatic Twin-Tub washing machine. 

With a limited budget, you get to experience the fantastic laundry washing of a lifetime. The machine comes white and is made of plastic material. I understand that the plastic material may be the reason for a lower price, but that doesn’t make the product less qualified. You will wash and spin your clothes and still achieve that glow in clean laundry. 

To make it better, you will find it easy to simultaneously use both the washing and dehydrating functions. The machine washes clothes quickly, allowing you to finish the washing in time to do your other chores.

Goodtrades Mini Portable Dryer and Washer

Goodtrades Mini Portable Dryer and Washer
  • The environmental features ensure your environment stays safe
  • This product preserves your space
  • You will find the device easy to carry and move
  • Some people find the price slightly high
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Have you ever wanted a small portable machine for your baby clothes and other light clothes? This device will amaze you with how it gets easily folded after use. The machine runs smoothly, and while your clothes wash, you get a quiet time that you may concentrate on your studies or favorite show. 

The space it occupies will be so small you won’t bump into it while it operates. When you finish doing your laundry, you may fold and put it away on the shelves or closet. I find this folding so creative since when traveling, you get to fold the washing machine to occupy very little space in your luggage.

This device uses power conservatively operating at 40W and has environmental protection features in place. You will save power as you get to wash your clothes in exactly ten minutes. I see that this washer and dryer will fit more to a person who enjoys traveling. 

This washer will fit in the dorm or apartment where you decide to stay for a few days. Do you enjoy doing your laundry while on trips? Consider buying this machine for easy washing. It will serve as a good baby washing machine, and with a budget of $300, you stand a chance to enjoy using this cheap washing machine.

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DENSORS Portable Single Tub Washer

Single Tub Washer
  • The attractive blue color attracts more buyers
  • You will fit the device on a corner comfortably
  • The machine has easy to use operational features
  • Your electricity bill will go slightly higher after use of the machine
  • You will need enough water supply for effective washing
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The blue color on this portable washing machine has a stunning effect on buyers. You want it to light up your laundry area, giving it the magnificent blue-color effect. The color makes it easy to monitor the laundry as it washes and offers a quick control experience. By pre-setting your washing time, you will get enough time to do other tasks. In addition, the device lets you wash faster and guarantees you a clean wash.

If you have small living space in a dorm, apartment, or mobile home, this washing machine will occupy very little space. You then get to enjoy washing clothes in the comfort of your room.

So, carrying the machine while on a trip will be easy since it’s lightweight and small to occupy little space. Though, you will have to conduct separate wash and spin cycles when using the machine. But the user operations have gotten simplified to give you an easy washing time.

You get to monitor your washing through the transparent blue surface, and so every washing and spinning cycle gets done effectively.

JupiterForce Full-automatic Washing Machine

  • You won’t notice the machine running since it washes silently
  • The machine lets you multi-task around the house
  • You may carry the device during trips thanks to its small size
  • Some buyers feel that the price has an overrating
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This is one of the best and cheap washing machines under 300. With this washing machine, you will wash, rinse and spin your clothes within three automated cycles. The water may fill up to three water levels, and this allows for three different laundry loads. 

Although the size of this machine comes in small sizes, it’s large enough to accommodate 8lbs of laundry. If your space in a dorm or little apartment needs a small laundry machine to occupy less space, then this will be your perfect choice. 

With high-density plastic and stainless steel as the primary producing material, you will never worry about rusting or deformation. In addition, the material will be easy to clean and maintain.

For the lovers of quiet machines, this device will do all your laundry silently. If you need to catch up on your favorite television program while the machine runs, then you will do exactly that. This device has an extra-long code that will let you connect the device to the sink without struggle.

 COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine

 COMFEE' Portable Washing Machine
  • The LED display gives you the perfect view
  • The machine has a lightweight and easily movable
  • The wheels and handles facilitate easy movement
  • Some people feel that the price doesn’t match the device
  • If you had a massive load of clothes, laundry takes longer
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This washing machine comes as a compact washer with five wash cycles, a LED display, and two built-in rollers. The device will fit into your house, apartment, or dorm, saving you a lot of space.

With the era of digitalization, everybody wants to have automatic products. This washing machine has no difference since its operations have full automation from the manufacturer. The ivory-white color will match most household items making this machine the perfect house item and contributing to the general interior decor. 

You can enjoy five wash programs with this washing machine. According to that selected, it will work under normal, soak, heavy, soft, and rapid programs. You will also find it effective for washing with three water levels. Let the water flow to the water level that matches your laundry size, and start the machine slowly.

The machine has wheels and handles for easy movement around your storage space. With a height of 32 inches and 18 inches of width, the machine occupies little space and will be stored easily. 

The water and washing process becomes easy to monitor due to the transparent lid installed in it. Rusting poses a challenge in many portable washing machines, and this machine has stainless steel parts wherever it needs metallic features. Rust will never be a threat to this classic machine. It becomes easy to monitor the timing with the LED display.

By following all the precautions provided in the manual, you will be guaranteed great washing experiences. Get this washing machine within a $300 budget and enjoy a memorable washing time.

Best Cheap Washing Machine – My Pick

Are you asking yourself where to buy cheap washing machine? So that is the reason why you come here. I have listed here 8 washers but you still get confused about which one is right for you. If you didn’t find the right product here for you, I will suggest you get an Pyle Portable Washer and Spin.

Pyle Portable Washer and Spin

8 Cheap Washing Machines Under $300
  • You will find the control features friendly to use
  • The device accommodates 7.7 pounds of laundry
  • You will easily move the device around the house
  • You will notice a slight increase in water and electricity bills
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I understand how it feels to want to own a portable washing machine. Unfortunately, life doesn’t allow people to own those complex washing machines due to space restrictions and power consumption. 

The busy schedules make us visit the Laundromat whenever our clothes pile up due to lack of time. This visit to the Laundromat has become expensive too due to the trips to and fro. Without a personal car, you find that the trips become tedious. All these struggles will go down by purchasing a portable washing machine. 

Due to our tight budgets, the price becomes a considered factor. The good news has to be finding cheap new washing machines, and this article has done precisely that. Read through again and choose the best washing machine that suits your needs.

The prices got confirmed, and you will be guaranteed to spend under $300 on each device you select above. Find yourself that unique machine that will sort your laundry in the comfort of your limited space.

So on end you asking yourself which is my opinion about the best washer on this list. I will suggest you 2 washers that won’t make you feel bad:

  • Pyle Portable Washer and Spin
  • RCA Portable Washing Machine


Here are some questions you might have and the best answers to them. Kindly review them:

What are the tips to keep in mind when buying washing machines under $300?

Before you get washing machines under $300, you may need to keep the following in mind:

● Ensure the water inlet and outlets are in a good state.
● Ensure that the appliance is with a water hose, which you can fit a shower head or a faucet
● Know the machine’s capacity and get a bucket close by to avoid expelled water flooding your room or apartment.
● Check and ensure that the machine comes with a warranty or a return policy.
● Read buyer’s reviews or watch YouTube videos for more details about the machine.

Where are washing machines under $300 suitable for?

Cheap washing machines are typically small-sized and portable products that are not suitable for heavy-duty work. In case you need a machine to handle a large household, you may need to budget for thousands of dollars. However, products under $300 are best suited for small apartments, RVs, condos, dorms, and one/ two-person households.

How much should I fill a washing machine under 300$?

When you overload your machine, it can reduce the washing performance severely and cause serious long-term damage. Therefore, it’s best to fill the device with the weight recommended by the manufacturer.

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