Panda Washing Machine Review

Panda Washing Machine Review
They are energy-efficient, space-saving, economical, and do their job perfectly. Speaking of portable washing machines, we have got the perfect product for you – Panda PAN6320W. You probably have heard of Panda Electronics, which makes unique portable washing machines. The market is filled with different make and models of washing machines, but we have never tested one like the Panda PAN6320W, a petite, portable top-loader made for use in tight spaces. To give you a general idea of what we are dealing with here, this portable washing machine weighs only 60 pounds, with a maximum capacity of mere 1.34 cubic feet. With that being said, this is truly a compact appliance. Let’s jump to the review section for more details.

What is Panda PAN6320W?

For the modern city dwellers living in cramped spaces, Panda has brought a revolutionary washing machine design that allows them to do laundry in an economical manner.

Panda PAN6320W is a unique, space-saving washing machine designed to make your laundry easy. It is compact enough for small loads and daily usage.

If you live in a small apartment, dorm room, or even an RV, this is just the right-sized washing machine for your laundry needs.Panda Washing Machine Review

  • Incredibly Portable And Space-Saving Design
  • Offers 10 Different Wash Settings
  • 1.34cu ft Capacity
  • Allows You To Hold Up To 10lbs Of Clothes
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Drum
  • Built-in Casters/Roller For Increased Mobility
  • Good Stain Removal
  • Laundry Comes Out Sopping Wet
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Panda Portable Washer: Design

As said, Panda PAN6320W has a unique top load design. The whole body is made of plastic, but it delivers high performance. That is, it is extremely sturdy and is perfect for daily use. Thanks to the plastic material used, this portable washing machine is incredibly lightweight. It weighs only 60 pounds. So, you can easily move it around the house or load it on your vehicle for easy transport. The product dimensions are 20 x 19 x 34 inches. It is only 19 inches wider. So, it can only fit a few lighter clothes at a time. But it stays true to its design and portability. Since it is a top load washing machine, there is a semi-removal plastic lid, which you can easily open and close. The lid is transparent, and you can see the clothes spinning inside when the machine is running. Panda Washing Machine There is an easy-to-operate control panel with a small LED display on the top that comes with different programs and settings. The display shows how many minutes or hours you have set the machine to spin. The buttons are a little on the tough side. You may have to put extra pressure to press the button and change the settings according to your washing needs. Inside, there is a stainless steel tub with a maximum capacity of 10 lbs. The tub is of high quality and delivers optimal performance. For water connection, there is a provision for a water inlet where you can connect a standard faucet. The package also includes an inlet hose and a quick adapter for connecting with the water inlet. The manufacturer has also included a small drain hose to drain the machine before taking out the washed clothes.

Panda Portable Washing Machine: Performance

Don’t go for its size, Panda PAN6320W is a powerful washing machine that will take care of all your washing needs. It runs on 110 voltage, and its powerful 310 watts of the motor rotates at 800 RPM. This is enough to give your clothes a nice spin in the tub. What we like the best is its easy-to-operate control panel. The electronic controls allow you to operate the machine seamlessly, and the LED display shows time. Also, there are five water levels for the stainless steel drum, which enables you to wash clothes based on the quantity and toughness of stains. Most importantly, there are 10 different wash programs, namely
  • Normal
  • Wash
  • Quick wash
  • Standard
  • Soak and wash
  • Rinse and spin
  • Heavy duty
  • Air dry
  • Wash and rinse
  • Spin
So, if you think that since it is a compact and portable washing machine, it won’t have many functionalities when it comes to cleaning, Panda washer PAN6320W exceeds the expectations. Panda Washing Machine Review The manufacturer has also installed a child lock feature that prevents children from messing up with the machine’s set functions while it’s running. There is a straightforward power button present along and a start/pause button. So, the navigation is quite simple.

How Do You Use a Panda Mini Washer?

Because the machine is compact, it doesn’t mean that adding water to it for washing is tricky. There is only a single water inlet that you can connect to a standard faucet. The machine comes with an inlet hose and a quick adapter. The quick adapter comes with both external and internal threads. This allows the inlet hose to easily fit the standard faucets in the United States. You have to connect the inlet hose to the water inlet of the washing machine. Next, remove the aerator of your faucet, place the quick adapter for secure storage, and connect the other end of the inlet hose to the quick adapter.
It is ready to transport water to the washing machine. The inlet hose included in the package is 39 inches in length. So, it is long enough to connect to a faucet in your kitchen or bathroom easily. Above all, there is a 55-inch drain hose, making cleaning the machine easy. Before turning the faucet on, adjust the water temperature. Please note that you will have to keep the faucet running during the whole cycle.
  • Select the water level from the given 5 levels
  • Choose from the 10 wash programs given on the control panel
  • You can adjust the water level using the round ‘water level/spin’ button and set the wash program using the ‘program/delay’ button
  • Once the wash settings are adjusted, simply press the ‘start/pause’ button

Who Makes Panda Appliances?

Panda Electronics is a Chinese brand and manufacturer of electronic products that includes home appliances like washing machines, dryers, TV sets and set-top boxes, data cards, mobile phones, and mobile communication solutions, among other things. It is a well-established brand founded in 1936. Panda is known for its futuristic and practical solutions for everyday life. Plus, their products do pack a lot of functionalities, robustness, and durability.


So, that’s our Panda portable washing machines review. We have tried to cover all the necessary aspects of Panda PAN6320W to give you an idea of what the product is actually like. Hence, if you live alone and don’t have that much laundry to do or your living space restricts you from getting those big bulky machines, then there is nothing better you can find than the Panda PAN6320W. Go through the review and do your own research as well. This will help you in making an informed decision. Nevertheless, if you have any queries regarding the points covered, feel free to ask. We are happy to help.

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