Bosch Washing Machine Review

Bosch Washing Machine Review

With washing machines, everything is done from the comfort of your home, and a bosch washing machine review shows how you can control your laundry with a perfect washing machine and also control the laundry time.

Washing machines have become a staple in society today, with people shunning the more tedious laundry methods and embarking on fast and efficient washing methods.

Fast-drying is also a cool feature as it saves people time in this fast-moving world.

There are so many washing machine brands in the market that it may be quite challenging for a potential buyer to choose from.

According to Bosch, the company’s main focus is to improve itself and its products. They aim to consume the least amount of power and water use, improve reliability and cause no inconvenience.

If you are looking to buy a Bosch washer, then this is the right article for you. Here I will put Bosch machines in different categories depending on functionality and what technology they use.

The Best Priced Washer

White Front Load Laundry paired with WAT28400UC 24 Washer and WTG86400UC 24 Electric Dryer

White Front Load Laundry Pair with WAT28400UC 24 Washer and WTG86400UC 24 Electric Dryer
  • The washer is silent
  • The 15 cycles you can choose from
  • Energy efficient
  • It is perfect for a large household
  • The washer is quite expensive
  • It is unnecessarily long and takes up a lot of vertical space
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This washer by Bosch is part of the 300 series. It is a front loader, which makes it easy to stack together with the washer.

The controls are also located at the front, and it has both LED displays and knobs to control the machine. More importantly, the size of its drum is 2.2 Cu. Ft, that can wash up to 15.4 lbs, and it is made with stainless steel for durability.

So, for vibration protection and to ensure this washer is as quiet as possible, Bosch has installed leveling legs on the washer.

When you buy this washer, you get the drain hose and the inlet hose.

The drum spins at 140 Rotations per Minute, ensuring that your clothes have washed and dried properly. Above all, with this washer, you can choose between an array of 15 cycles depending on the size of your laundry, the fabric, and water consumption.

You get nine choices when washing, including; SpeedPerfect, Temperature, Finish in, Extra Rinse, Prewash, Spin Speed, Start/Pause, Child Lock, and Signal. So, Bosch guarantees that washing heavy clothes like jeans won’t affect the color. The Bosh has an Energy Star rating to ensure it meets guidelines for energy saving.

The Best Overall

500 Series White Front Load Compact Stacked Laundry Pair with WAT28401UC 24 Washer WTG86401UC 24 Electric Condensation Dryer and WTZ20410 Stacking Kit

Bosch Washing Machine Review
  • It has a reversible swing door that you can open from any lateral side
  • The sanitization feature is excellent for households with kids or medical professionals
  • It consumes less power
  • The dryer is ventless; you can stack it in any room
  • It is stackable
  • The washer is heavy, so it is not portable
  • The price is relatively high
  • The drying feature doesn’t work as expected
  • They take longer to complete a cycle
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The 500 series WAT28401UC model consists of a separate washer and dryer that you can stack together. The washer is big and has a capacity of up to 17.6 lbs. The washer is made of stainless steel, which is excellent for durability; it doesn’t rust.

The washing machine has a water leak protection feature and anti-vibration to ensure that your washer doesn’t come unbalanced.

The anti-vibration also ensures that your washer is as quiet as possible. The sanitization feature heats the water at 170 F to ensure your clothes have no bacteria after washing. The machine is heavy at 300lbs, has a 4 Cu. Ft capacity has 15 cycles, which is standard for Bosch washers.

The dryer is ventless and uses condensation drying. The drum is made of stainless steel. The washer is so energy efficient compared to the capacity it supports. To clarify, it just consumes 220V in electricity. The dryer has met the requirements to get an energy star.

About Bosch

About Bosch

Bosch was founded in 1886 as an engineering practice in Stuttgart, Germany.

The company has won several prestigious awards, and these awards include the German Design Award, Interior Innovation Award, and the Euromonitor International award.

Bosch has now expanded their business to house appliances from washers, cookers, and refrigeration devices. They believe in not compromising on quality, which is why all the materials they use are high-end.

Bosch Washer Reviews

Bosch makes front-loading washing machines, and mostly they make the washers and dryers separately. The company’s washers are famous for their excellent design, engineering, and reasonable price. Their capacity ranges from about 15 lbs to 20 lbs and is separated into series.

Their machine series range from the 4 series to the 8 series. The washing machines undergo numerous stress tests before being released into the market.

Bosch’s Best Washer Innovations

Because of their mission to reduce resource intake, Bosch has made several strides in innovations to help them get there.

They value the use of precision Engineering to minimize the wastage of resources.

The company has emphasized employing around 340 local engineers, who the company has individually trained for up to 400 hours, which standardizes the quality of service that they offer.

i-DOS Detergent Dosing

i-DOS stands for Intelligent Dosing, and this innovation is significant for ensuring that you use the precise amount of detergent and water. Therefore, the washers that use this technology have designated points where you just need to pour these resources into them.

They do this by determining your laundry’s size in the washer and how much laundry would be enough to wash your clothes.

This precision Engineering technique also has a fabric detector that will automatically set the correct wash program for your clothes. The i-DOS technology also helps determine how dirty your clothes are and recalibrates how much detergent and water you need.

For example, some households use slightly salty water; this precision technology allows the machine to optimize detergent use by considering the hardness.

Vario Perfect

Bosch washer dryer review shows that this technology gives you variety so that if you are strapped for time or want to use less consumption, you can do so without trading off a quality laundry wash. They have two settings, which are SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect

Speedperfect is a quick cycle feature for time-saving. The Ecoperfect feature helps your machine use less energy, which reduces your power consumption and, eventually, your carbon footprint. Moreover, low power consumption is also good for your purse strings.


Bosch machines come with a Start Reload button, which helps you open your washer safely during a cycle. When you press the button, it will trigger a speedy process where the machine stops the cycle, drains the washer, and unlocks it. Because of this option, you can add any additional laundry mid-cycle, and add and remove heavy clothes to the washer with Easy loading.

Adding clothes mid-cycle negates the need of reheating the washer when starting a new cycle since the washer is already heated, which means you will conserve power consumption by having fewer wash cycles.

Is Bosch the Dryer for You?

Bosch has several specifications that remain constant; If you want a front-loading washing machine, the brand offers a vast range of these. Due to energy efficiency, Bosch makes machines that consume 220 volts. It might be a problem if your electric outlets don’t support this. They are all made to be compact, so they measure 24 inches wide and 25 inches deep.

Bosch dryers are condensers and ventless; the problem with this is that they don’t dry your clothes thoroughly, and you will need to air dry your clothes. The dryers will also cause the temperature and humidity levels to rise in your living room, which can be quite a discomfort. The 500 series, though, has a heat pump dryer, which fixes this issue.


To sum up, the bosch washer and dryer reviews show that the Bosch brand has come a long way in appliance manufacture. With over 130 years in service, they bring with them experience and reliability in functionality that stems from their experience.

The fact that they train their own engineers is a big plus because the appliances they make are standardized to perfection. So, they have considered the customer in energy efficiency and noise pollution, and their machines’ affordability.


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