Camping Washing Machine for Your Next Camping

Camping Washing Machine

So you’re going to camping but you need the right camping washing machine to clean your clothes but you don’t want to hand wash your laundry.

There are so many alternatives to hand washing, some automatic and others manual.

For camping trips, you may not have space, workforce, or electricity capabilities to be able to carry your full-size washer with you. So, you look for a portable washing machine for camping which can make your camping time easier and enjoyable. 

The perfect washer for a camping trip takes up less space and uses less electricity, water, and detergent, especially for those outdoor camping trips. Outdoor camps also require a little bit of silence, which is only possible with self-balancing mechanisms.

We have compiled a list of washing machines that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor camping with varying features and specifications. 

Fully Automatic; Washer and Dryer Combo

Portable Camping Washing Machine 1.55 Cu.ft /12.6 lbs Full Automatic; Washer and Dryer Combo
  • Have LED display feature to monitor
  • Energy saver washer
  • It comes with a large wash cycle and great washing programs
  • Sudden imbalance due to clothes unevenness
  • Sometimes causes noise
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Intergreat has made the perfect 2-in-1 machine for you. The washer comes in silver white and combines washer and dryer capabilities. This means you won’t need to buy a dryer and washer separately. The washer has a capacity of 12.6 lbs which is quite huge for a portable machine, meaning you can do a load of laundry for your entire family at one go.

The washer also boasts a powerful motor to ensure that it supports the washing machine’s massive capacity. You have guaranteed clean clothes and the ability to get your clothes dehydrated enough to dry fast.

The washer has several features, including the child lock feature, eight programs to choose from, and time delay, all set in contemporary LED displays. The eight programs allow you to be specific with the timing and the clothes you are washing, and the LED display creates user-friendliness. With this portable washer, you can control the water level and spin cycle. 

Intergreat washers have the child lock feature, which allows you to protect young kids from getting hurt, and you set when you want the wash cycle to begin. The washer has handles and wheels for portability and auto-balance detection and imbalance adjustment to prevent your washer from getting destroyed.

Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washer Spin Dryer

KUPPET Washing Machine, 21Ibs Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washer Spin Dryer
  • Perfect for compact places and camping
  • Easy to use
  • Have made with durable material
  • Noise-free and Energy-saving machine
  • Considered expensive in respect of features
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KUPPET’s 2-in-1 washer is medium-sized and combines washing and drying functionalities in one device. The washer is ideal for camping, RVs, and dormitories because of its size and can handle a capacity of 21lbs. It comes in neutral grey and white with a powerful dual motor that spins at 1300RPM. You can use this washer if your laundry load isn’t that big.

The washer has a user-friendly design with three buttons to control wash options, timing, drain options, and spin-drying. What makes it an excellent camper washer and dryer is its two different timers for washing and spin-drying.

For draining, the drainage tube connected to the drain pump is longer for your convenience. You can also wash and dry your load of laundry at a go. The drain pump is in-built and drains water faster, making drainage even more efficient. The washer is quiet and will serve you for a long time. KUPPET’s washer also has a transparent lid so that you can track the wash and spin cycle in progress.

You can also check this article for the top 5 KUPPET portable washing machines.

SUPER DEAL Portable Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine: Compact w/Wash and Spin Cycle

SUPER DEAL Portable Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine
  • Less twist but better cleaning
  • Will not get rust
  • Perfect durable design
  • Twin washer and dryer tubs
  • You may need an additional adapter for the inlet hose
  • Not enough instructions about machine provided
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SUPERDEAL’s washer consists of a small-sized washing machine with 23×13.5×26 inches in dimensions, compact twin tubs, and a hard plastic body for durability. The washer has three kinds of wash choices, including standard, drain, and soft. 

This washing machine has two times, one for the washer and one for the dryer. The washer can clean your laundry for up to 15 minutes, and the spin dryer goes for 5 minutes. With the spin timer, you will be able to choose your preferred dry drying time one minute apart, while with the washer, you can choose every three minutes.

The washer has designed to wash and dry silently. When the package arrives, you will get the 2-in-1 washer, a pulsator, spin cap, spin tub, drain hose, and power wire. You will need to get an adapter for your water intake hose to connect it to the faucet.

COSTWAY Compact Washing Machine; Twin Tub Washing Machine

COSTWAY Compact Washing Machine
  • Easy Installation
  • A complete hold on washing time
  • Lightweight and easy to take for camping
  • Easy to use for elderly
  • Not an eco-friendly machine
  • Not an energy saver washer
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This twin tub has a user-friendly program control, with three buttons to select your washing program, timer, and spin timer. Above all, it’s not sophisticated, and everyone, even the elderly, can wash their laundry with no problem.

The washer comes in white, with a simple design consisting of a washer tub and dryer tub in one machine. You can use this washer straight out of the box because it doesn’t require unique installations. It’s an excellent choice for small spaces.

The compact design is perfect for camping because it’s portable and lightweight. The washer has a 17.6 lbs capacity which is a lot considering its twin tub nature and portability. With this washing machine, you get two modes, washing and spinning, and a standard 0-15 minute wash cycle. 

To dry your clothes, they will need to spin for 5 minutes. You can use a standard power outlet for this machine because it requires 120V/60Hz, which is standard for outlets.

Non-electric Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine

Non-electric Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine
  • A perfect eco-friendly washer
  • It comes in unique colors
  • No electricity required; ideal for camping
  • No water and energy consumption
  • No different time control options
  • Cannot bear large clothes wash load
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Wonderwash has made an excellent alternative to electric washers. Yes, it is a hand-cranked washer, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and a great arm workout for you. On the other hand, this mini washer comes in retro colors and has a wonderful lid design. It’s minimal and has a handle for portability.

The washer has a suction cup to help you drain water from your clothes after a rinse and a hole to gravity-drain the water from. Because of its compact nature, the washer can only wash small amounts of clothes, utmost 5lbs.

It’s excellent for those wilderness camping trips because it doesn’t rely on electricity, and the suction will partially dry your clothes to ensure that you won’t wait long to do laundry. Above all, it uses very little water and detergent. You can use it for delicates and baby clothes, for more washers for the baby I can also recommend you great washers for baby clothes.

So, to boost the confidence in the machine, Wonderwash gives you a 3-year warranty. Just remember not to wash your clothes with hot water, and the base may be a little shaky, so handle it with care. 

Lavario Portable Clothes Washer (Manual Non-Electric Portable Washing Machine

Lavario Portable Clothes Washer (Manual Non-Electric Portable Washing Machine
  • Convenient to carry and use
  • No electricity required
  • Can wash jeans and sweaters as well
  • Quality is not much durable
  • Some do not consider it perfect for compact places
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This ultra-light, compact washer has a great handle to enable you to wash the clothes in an easy up and down motion to wash clothes quickly, reducing your arm workout. The clothes basket can handle a fraction of a regular wash load, but it cleans thoroughly and powerfully.

Lavario’s wash is perfect for outdoor camping because it’s eco-friendly, sustainable, and quiet. Therefore, it uses less water and detergent than other washers, and you can even wash jeans and sweatshirts efficiently.

They have a new technology, “the Powerflow Technology,” that allows water to be incorporated into your laundry effectively for more thorough cleaning action. Moreover, it has a drain and rinses function that you can make easy by adding a garden hose for drainage. 

Intexca Compact portable washer for camping

Intexca Compact Camping Washing Machine for Children, Camping, Dorm - US Electric Mini Portable Washer Blue Color
  • No wrinkles in laundry
  • Easy to install and use
  • Child friendly is usable
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Not a perfect energy saver
  • Also, no high-level washing programs
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This washer by Intexca measures 13×12.6×19.3 inches and is perfect for any small space. It’s also suitable for RV travel because of its compatible nature. Washing using this mini portable washer is advantageous because your laundry won’t wrinkle up. 

The washer is designed with an anti-winding, no knotting feature suitable for your delicates, socks, and baby clothes. The washer’s insides are made from a strong polymer material that is eco-friendly and ensures its durability.

There are no unique installations needed for this device, and you can use it straight out of the box. In this era of twin tubs, this washer doesn’t come with a drying feature, so you will have to air dry your clothes or find a drying option. 

Portable Mini Washing Machine Lightweight Collapsible Bucket

Lightweight Collapsible Bucket
  • Energy saver
  • Convenient and easily portable for camping
  • Easy usage
  • Cannot bear the heavy load of clothes
  • Not many options of washing
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The most notable feature of this washer is its foldable nature. So, the washer comes in a bucket-like design that folds so that you can store it in extra small spaces. It can fit under the bed or in a drawer somewhere. The bucket is electric but uses very little electric power to wash your clothes. And, it also uses very little water, making it eco-friendly.

The washer employs high-frequency vibration that is gentle on your clothes and tough on dirt and stains to wash your clothes efficiently, leaving your clothes clean and stainless. The vibration ensures that no irritants or detergent residue are left after the laundry cycle is done.

This electric wash bucket has one button to activate your wash cycle. It’s semi-automatic, so when the cycle starts, it will take 15 minutes and then stop and reset automatically. It’s perfect for small laundry loads, delicates, and clothes that need separate washing. It can support laundry of up to 2kgs. 

Portable Washing Machine for Camping and RVs – Mini Washer – Easy to Use with Bucket

Mini Washer - Easy to Use with Bucket
  • Unique and perfect design
  • Easy portability
  • Mini but automatic machine
  • It comes with Ventilation features
  • Laundry capacity is maximum 6.5lb
  • Not for jeans and sweaters
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Firstly, this is a powerful motor used to wash your clothes. The mini washer is attached to a bucket of your choice and will agitate the clothes to remove dirt. That is to say; you have a bit of autonomy with the laundry load because the bucket size you use will determine how much laundry you can wash at a go, although they recommend a maximum of 6.5lbs. Just fill a bucket with water and detergent, attach the motor, and you’re good to go. 

The washer’s dimensions are 17x7x6 inches and weigh about 5.5lbs, which makes it portable. Above all, it will fit in a camping bag and won’t take up space as you travel during your camping trip. The washer won’t wash heavy clothes, so choose lighter clothes for that trip. The washer comes embedded with tiny holes to release hot air so that you can wash your clothes without it overheating.

Letusto makes the washer, and they recommend a 15 – 30 minute wash time. Therefore, you can set the bucket and washer and go on your merry way for 15 minutes, come back and rinse the clothes. The clothes will need to air dry as this washer doesn’t have a cloth drying functionality.

EROMMY Portable Washing Machine

EROMMY washer
  • Unique in design
  • Single-cylinder for wash and dry
  • Automatic shutdown feature
  • Energy saver
  • Quality is not compatible
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Erommy’s portable washer is a single tub 2-in-1 washer with spin dryer capabilities. The fact that it has one tub means it’s compact enough to port around and very light. You won’t have to take out your laundry load to another tub to dry it. The rinse function is made easy with the inlet hose. Just drain, allow water in, repeat, and spin dry.

The washer may be tiny, at 15.2×14.8x 21.3 inches, but it can wash and dry laundry of up to 8.8lbs in bulk. The transparent lid allows you to follow the wash and spin dry function until you’re satisfied the clothes are clean.

So, if you have small kids, this is the perfect washer for you because it has an automatic shutdown feature whereby, when the lid is opened, and the washer is on, it shuts down immediately to protect your kids from any harm. 

It uses 110V/60Hz, which is relatively standard, and you won’t need a special electric adapter for this one. Above all, the drain hose is long and can reach your sink for convenience, and you can control the time needed to wash your clothes efficiently.

In addition, the washer comes in a neutral gray, and its drum has made of stainless steel, which doesn’t rust. In other words, this makes the washer durable. The outer cover has made of PP and ABS. Meanwhile, you will get a robust and powerful motor with this device. 


In conclusion, there is so many camping washers in the market today, depending on your needs. So, there is a need for portability for camping trips, and in the case of outdoor camps, you may need alternative methods for electric washers.

Non-electric versions these days have excellent capabilities and have made great technological strides such that you don’t need to over-exert yourself while hand-cranking the washing machines. 

Throughout the article, you have learned different types of washers compatible with camping trips, their features, and what makes them perfect for your camping trip.

So, which of these has impressed us the most is the Super Deal mini washer. It comes with unique features and washing programs. Above all, it is perfect for compact places and camping. So, what are you waiting for, go and get one for your camping!

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