Can Tennis Balls Improve Front Load Washer’s Performance?

Can Tennis Balls Improve Front Load Washer’s Performance

It’s a great question can tennis balls improve front load washer’s performance? Actually, the latest front load washers are designed to offer high-grade washing performance in a sufficient way.

But there is always room for improvement. This, therefore, makes some housewives devise and efficiently implement a smart technique that can improve the washing quality of the appliance.

Let’s explore what tennis ball really is in this post. Technically, a tennis ball can be described as an unordinary accessory that some people apply when washing different clothes. But, can it efficiently remove a stain, and is it safe to use it in the drums of small washing machines?

Tennis balls can improve the front load washer’s performance by thoroughly Fluffing clothes, eliminating wrinkles and unpleasant static electricity, and thoroughly distributing and dissolving washing powder in the water.

The Main Functions of Basic Tennis Balls

Classic tennis balls are characterized by light green color with a fleecy elastic surface. They can be purchased at any sporting equipment store. There are plastic or rubber balls (stubbed or smooth) that can serve as an alternative solution. And for the number of balls, you can use, three tennis balls can be recommended to achieve perfect results. A good product sample of these tennis balls is Dryer Balls Laundry Anti Static.

The Main Functions of Basic Tennis Balls

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What then are the main functions of tennis balls in the laundry?

Thoroughly Fluffing Clothes

Tennis balls can fluff clothes thoroughly by preventing them from tangling in a knot or rolling into one lump. This function is needed when washing down-filled materials such as blankets, rugs, and winter coats and jackets. You may fear for the filler safety of your favorite down jacket or coat if you wash them often by hand.

Do tennis balls help washers

You will understand the benefits of using any tennis balls if you use them together with a front load washer to wash your down jacket. With tennis balls, you don’t need to risk the health of your hands and spend your precious time handwashing.

Eliminating wrinkles and unpleasant static electricity

Using tennis balls is an effective way to eliminate wrinkles and unpleasant static electricity. Any user will absolutely like this neutralizing static electricity effect. The tennis balls stop fabrics from sticking together when washing, making the clothes less wrinkled.

How many tennis balls do you put in the dryer

Moreover, some clothes may not need ironing after drying them, which is a great way of saving some time. Blouses and silk or chiffon dresses can quickly become electrified. If you love them, special antistatic sprays and tennis balls can easily help solve this problem.

Thoroughly Distributing and dissolving washing powder in the Water

The use of tennis balls can effectively help with the thorough distribution and dissolution of washing powder in the water. Several individuals still prefer dry powder despite the numerous washing detergents available. 

Nonetheless, liquid gel detergents are recommended by experts due to years of observations. These detergents are characterized by quick dissolution even in cool water and demonstration of high-washing performance. The clear difference between a dry powder and usual liquid products is that a dry powder dissolves longer when compared to usual liquid products. Besides, a dry powder creates a solid scale on the equipment’s working mechanisms.

Does laundry balls really work

If you’re conversant with dry powder, you may have noticed some unpleasant white stains on your dark clothes after washing them. This is due to how the dry powder fails to dissolve completely. As a result, you won’t have your clothes washed properly using such detergent.

Since dry powder could leave white stains on your fabric, you can avoid this by putting three balls in the washing machine’s drum. With these balls, your clothes will be thoroughly whisked and help the dry powder complete its dissolution process. This is a practical way to improve the efficiency and quality of any textile product washing.

Is Putting Tennis Balls in the Washing Machine Safe?

Numerous housewives with great experience using balls can testify to their effectiveness for washing different clothes such as down jackets, blankets, and winter jackets. But it’s still good to ask how acceptable and safe the method is and if adding tennis balls to the washed garments is safe for the clothes and the washing machine’s mechanisms.

How safe this washing method is has been proved by several modern housewives’ and specialists’ experiences. This implies that tennis balls can safely be used anywhere as a suitable method. The balls feature a soft and fleecy surface that cannot damage the interior parts of the washing machine tank.

Is Putting Tennis Balls in the Washing Machine Safe

In case your mind is ruminating on how they are rubber balls that can negatively affect your clothes. You should understand that they are perfectly designed not to be aggressive to the washing machine tank and clothes. So, these balls are safe for use without fearing if they can damage your washing machine or textile products.

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In addition, you can use tennis balls to ensure that the filler is kept intact and distributed evenly in duvets and down jackets.  Classic sports tennis balls and special balls are available today in rubber, silicone, or plastic. You are expected to select the optimal solutions to achieve flawless results.

Can tennis balls damage dryer?

No, tennis balls can’t damage a dryer. It is a safe solution for your drying.

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You should know by now that there is nothing wrong with putting tennis balls in your washer. In fact, they are can effectively help improve the front load washer’s performance. So, next time you want to do your laundry, you may want to try out these balls to enjoy the benefits they can offer.


Check below some of the frequently asked questions about tennis balls. Please, review them with their answers for further knowledge.

Do tennis balls help washers?

Yes, tennis balls do help washers. They are accessories that can remove dirt from the layers of fillers. They will protect the filler from crumpling.

What kind of dryer balls are best?

Wool dryer balls are considered better than plastic dryer balls. They don’t have spikes, and they are very effective.  Although heavy, wool dryer balls are soft and don’t make much noise like their plastic counterpart. Besides, they can absorb and release moisture, helping with drying and reducing wrinkles and static, respectively.

How many tennis balls do you put in the dryer?

Three tennis balls should be enough on your dryer with a load. This will save you time and money when drying your clothes. It’s a way to save your money here because you won’t have to purchase dryer sheets and cut drying time in half. You can use the balls over and over.

Why wash pillows with tennis balls?

This helps your pillows to fluff them up, make your pillows dry easier, and smell better.

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