How Much Water Does A Washing Machine Use – Video

How Much Water Does A Washing Machine Use

Do you ever ask How Much Water Does A Washing Machine Use?

Water conservation has become one of the most important issues across the globe? Some states impose water restrictions just to ensure that everyone gets some water.

Just as important as water conservation is, so is laundry!

I have used at least five different washers in my life. And all of them have different water usage based on various factors that I will list below.

Factors That Affect Washing Machine Water Usage

There are several factors that determine the water efficiency of washing machines. These may include: 

  •     Age of the washer
  •     Model, you are using
  •     Type of clothes you are washing
  •     The size of your load
  •     Rinse Settings

Factors That Influence Washer Water Usage

Well, let’s look into each factor and how it affects your washing machine’s water efficacy.

Age of The Washer

Modern washing machines use less water than older models. This is because most of them are High Efficiency and are credited by ENERGY STAR. Statistically, HE (High-Efficiency) washing machines use about 33% less water than the older models. And it is not all about the water; HE washers also use lesser energy. What’s not to love about them?

How Much Water Does A Washing Machine Use

If you have an older washing machine, for instance, 20 or 30 years old, you might use more water than is actually needed to do your laundry.

Model of Your Washer

Different washing machine models will use water differently. Well, other than age, the style of your washer will determine the amount of water used per load. For instance, front loaders may use more water as compared to top-loaders.

Type of Clothes You Are Washing

Well, cycle settings are there for a reason! When you have a high-quality washing machine, it means you can clean and rinse just about any fabric. You get to choose the wash cycle based on the laundry type.

Bulky clothes such as jackets, coats, beddings, and heavy curtains will use more water than your T-shirts would.

The Size of Your Load Per Wash

How large is your load? If you are going to do your two weeks’ laundry, your washer will need a lot of water. Besides, you might need to load your washer more than once.

If you have plenty to wash, I would advise you to split it in form of fabric type. For instance, you can wash your shirts and T-shirts together before loading your jeans. It is an efficient way of cleaning and rinsing your clothes.

Reduce your load size by doing your laundry often, probably weekly, or bi-weekly. You can also wear your clothes, especially jackets and jeans, twice before washing them.

Rinsing Settings

We all want our clothes to smell nice and clean after doing laundry. I mean, it is one of the principal reasons we strive to wash regularly. However, if you are always washing and rinsing with Extra Rinsing, it could be why your washer is using a lot of water.

Fabric Softener settings could also contribute a lot to water usage.

Washer Capacity

How many gallons of water does a washing machine use?

The bigger the washing machine, the higher the water usage will be. Well, for instance, washers under 4 CU. Ft. will have a lower water usage rate. Most of these small washers need less than 10 gallons to wash and rinse your load properly.

Those between 4-5 CU. Ft. need up to 15.6 gallons of water for a complete wash cycle. Larger washing machines, those over 6 CU. Ft. will use over 20 gallons of water to wash and rinse one cycle.

Well then, if you have a large washer, it will use more water. Consider this if you are looking to change or purchase a new washer.

How much water does a washer use?

Have you just brought your washing machine home? Manufacturers build newer models to preserve both energy and water. Most of these modern washing machines are High-Efficient and use less water.


However, even when you have a HE washing machine, the above-discussed factors also come into play. For example, if you have a new gigantic washing machine, you might notice it still using plenty of water. All the other factors also determine the water usage of your new washer.

How Much Water Does a 7kg Washing Machine Use?

As mentioned above, the washer capacity will determine how much water your washer uses. A 7kg washing machine will use at least 20 gallons of water for a proper wash and rinsing cycle.

However, other factors may affect the water usage of your 7kg washing machine. These may include the fabrics you are washing and the rinse settings.

However, on average, 7kg HE washing machines use 20 gallons (64 liters) of water for a proper cycle.

Do Top Load Washers Use More Water?

When you are in the market, it is only fair to ask one or two questions. How much water does a washing machine use?

This should be among the topmost important questions to consider. Well, as mentioned severally, different washers will use water differently.

Well, if you are torn between a top-loader and a front-loader, this could help you choose. On average, a top-load washing machine will use less than 20 gallons per load.

However, it depends on whether your top loader uses an agitator or appeler drum.

How Much Water Does A Washing Machine Use

Appeler top-load washers use less water as compared to those with agitators. However, ensure that you purchase a high-efficiency washing machine if you are worried about the amount of water your washing machine uses.

However, compared to the front load washing machine, a HE top load washing machine will use relatively 15% more water. And it can still be ENERGY STAR certified. While a front load washing machine seems to be water-efficient, they take longer to complete a wash cycle.


When you are in the market for a new washing machine, water efficiency is an important factor to consider. Well, I would advise you to check for the ENERGY STAR label before committing to purchase a washing machine.

They design these machines to save you energy and also water. Well then, I hope the above-outlined tips will help you purchase a HE water-saving washing machine.

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