How To Balance A Top Loading Washing Machine Drum [4 Steps]

How To Balance A Top Loading Washing Machine Drum

Has your washing machine been making a lot of noise? This article How To Balance A Top Loading Washing Machine Drum will save you a lot of trouble.

This can happen to any washing machine, new and old.

One of the leading reasons why your machine is noisy during the spin cycle is an unbalanced drum.

Why Does My Washing Machine Make a Banging Noise?

The last thing you want to hear is any unusual noise in the washing machine. While washing machines are the most used appliances across the world, they are also delicate.

If there is any unusual noise when your washer is running, you should stop and check immediately. After all, some noises can develop into faulty issues that will cost you extra money to repair or purchase a new washer.

So, why is your washing machine making a weird banging noise? There could be several reasons why your washer is acting up;

  • You left the shipping material in the drum
  • Coins from the laundry
  • Your machine needs some leveling
  • There is laundry caught in the tub
  • You have overloaded your washer

What Causes Weird Noises From Your Top-Loading Washing Machine?

Whenever you hear this banging noise from the washing machine, the best thing to do is stop it and unplug it from the electrical socket.

If your washer is entirely new, it could be the shipping material accidentally left in the drum. Get out the load and check to ensure the drum is empty before you reload.

How To Balance A top load Washing Machine Drum

Coins from your laundry pockets could also contribute to the weird noise from a washing machine. Well, always check your pockets for coins and any other items before loading them into your machine.

Top-loading washing machines also tend to act up when they are not on the level. Fortunately for you, a top-loading machine will automatically level itself.

If there is anything that has changed in your washer, it could interfere with its functioning. Tipping it forward a little should get your washer back to normal.

What Causes Weird Noises From Your Top-Loading Washing Machine

Check your washer to ensure that there are no clothes trapped in the washer. Always ensure that your machine is not running when checking for clothes caught in the tub. Your washer should normally run when you clear the tub.

Avoid the temptation to do all your laundry in one round. Overloading your washer may exert unnecessary pressure on the drum, which could result in banging noises. It is also important to note that overloading your washing machine could damage the washing machine permanently.

Why does my top loading washing machine shake violently?

Other than banging noise, you may have noticed that your washing machine shaking violently when running. It can be quite disturbing, not to mention damaging for your machine. Therefore, you cannot ignore it when your washing machine won’t stop shaking and vibrating violently.

Balancing washing machine drum

Now, before we look at how to balance a washing machine drum, let’s look at the causes and solutions of a vibrating washer.

Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Shakes Violently When Running 

Just as with the banging noise, it can be worrying about running your washing machine one day, and it starts shaking violently. Well, once again, you must stop the washing machine immediately and check for anything unusual.

It could be a result of;

  • Problem with leveling
  • Unbalanced load in the washer
  • Lack of firm floor bracing

How do you fix an unbalanced drum on a washing machine?

You now understand some of the leading causes of an unbalanced washing machine drum. So How do I stabilize my washing machine drum?

I will give you a step-by-step guide on balancing your washer and doing away with the irritating vibrations and other noises.

Step 1: Check And Adjust The Level

Most washing machines will give off sudden weird noises when left unbalanced. One of the main reasons why a washing machine is unstable could be because it is not level. If you are confident that you did not leave any shipping materials in the drum, check the level.

How To Level A Washing Machine

Use a straight level to check if your machine is off the balance. If so, adjust the legs so that the washer is on the level. With a top-loading machine, you should not experience too much trouble as it adjusts itself automatically. Lift your washing machine from the back, and it will automatically reset to normal.

Step 2: Tighten Loose Drum

In some cases, it is not all about the level. To balance your top-loading machine, check the drum bearing, maybe your washing machine drum loose.

Tighten Loose Drum

This is especially important if your washing machine has been making banging noises. If your machine has been unbalanced for some time, you probably need to tighten your washing machine.

Step 3: Avoid Large Items in The Washer

Another common cause of an unbalanced washing machine is overloading. Large items could overload your machine or burden the drum on one side. This results in an unbalanced washing machine, which could be avoided by keeping the large laundry items out of the machine.

Avoid Large Items in The Washer

For instance, your top-loading washing machine is not exactly ideal for blankets or comforters. To avoid this, always sort your laundry, exempting the large items that could unbalance your washing machine.

When washing heavy laundry, load them in pairs. This eliminates the possibility of one heavy item leaning on one side, making the machine unbalanced.

How to Avoid Overloading Your Washing Machine

Step 4: Double-Check to Ensure Everything is in Place

If your machine is still giving off any unusual noise, it could still be unbalanced, or maybe there are some loose screws. This is especially if your machine has been in storage for some time. Tighten any loose screws before using the washer. This should stop your machine from vibrating and wobbling.

Adjusting the Washer's Legs

However, if you are using an old washing machine, you might consider replacing it with a washer with a noise reduction feature. Most modern washers come with adjustable legs. When screwing in the legs, ensure that your washer is on the level before using it.

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Drum Gets Unbalanced in the Spin Cycle

In some cases, your machine can wash quietly only to get unbalanced during the spin cycle. To balance a top-loading machine drum to stop making noise during the spin cycle, you must determine the cause of this problem. 

To examine your washer, you will need to unplug it from the electrical socket. Unload your laundry and drain the water completely. Understand that repairing your washer can be a very involved activity. 

If your washer has a defective tub bearing or seal, you might need to disassemble the machine. The tub bearing is responsible for smooth spinning. Luckily, most companies sell both the outer tub and bearing together. Consider replacing both parts to balance your top-loading washing machine drum for smooth spin cycles. 

Your washing machine rear drum also has bearings. You might want to check these too if your machine won’t stop making noise. At the same time, it could be your shock absorber. A worn-out shock absorber could make a lot of noise as a result of an unbalanced washer. 

Another reason for an unbalanced washing machine could be a broken suspension spring or rod. You might need some technical know-how to replace these components.

How To Stop Washing Machine Moving

Some washing machines will not get noisy but also vibrate and shake due to unbalanced drums. Stop running the machine and examine it immediately. To balance a top-loading machine drum, you might need to remove the front and rear panels. 

Check to see that your machine is level, as discussed in Step 1 above. Ensure that all the legs are on level. You could also take some time to check the shock absorbers and the suspension. Worn out shock absorber can unbalance the washer drum and cause it to vibrate and move. If so, you might need to replace a broken suspension rod or spring. 

How To Stop Washing Machine Moving

You can always purchase shock absorber replacements and repair your washer by yourself or call your handyman. 

Washing machine repair can be complicated and expensive. Therefore, learn how to balance your drum as soon as possible to avoid damaging other essential components. 


Are you having trouble trying to balance your washer? The above tips should help you understand the reason why your washer won’t stop wobbling. You will also find a step-by-step guide on balancing a top-loading washing machine drum. Upon balancing, your machine should start running without any hitches.


How To Level Top Load Washing Machine?

1. Empty the washer
2. Find a location for your washer
3. Adjust the legs
4. Repeat each leg if it’s necessary

How To Clean Top Load Washing Machine Drum?

1. Clean the washing machine with vinegar
2. Run a washer on the highest level and hot water
3. Add two cups of white vinegar to the detergent dispenser
4. Run a complete cycle
5. Add a cup of baking soda to the drum and run the complete cycle on hot water
6. Wipe inside the drum with a microfiber cloth
Or instead of that, you can also use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets.

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