How To Clean Portable Washing Machine in 5 Steps

How To Clean Portable Washing Machine

The main reason why you are here is to learn properly How To Clean Portable Washing Machine in just 5 steps.

A portable laundry machine is a useful device addition to any home. It makes doing laundry more convenient and faster. Load your portable washer with clothes, add soap, press a start button, and wait for about a few minutes, and then your clothes will come out clean.

However, cleaning a portable washing machine meant to clean clothes might sound illogical, but you must do this at least twice a month.

To help you, we have tried to make cleaning easier for you! These steps will walk you through in detail the steps involved in cleaning your portable washing machine properly.

Why Clean Portable Washing Machine?

Your portable washing machine is meant to clean your clothes, but do you know it is normal to wash them? Your portable laundry machine needs to be cleaned at all times. Cleaning your machine at all times makes it function effectively and removes dirt and bad smells.

Dirt accumulates to your portable laundry machine as a result of the clothes you wash. This happens as you wash your clothes, but you may not notice this until a bad smell starts developing. Also, you may transfer this dirt to the next set of clothes you wash using the same portable laundry machine. However, the accumulated dirt can make your washing difficult.

Thus it would be best to wash your portable washing machine to avoid dirt and bad smells and work effectively. Adopt good cleaning and maintenance habits of your portable laundry washing machine to avoid such scenarios.

How To Clean A Portable Washing Machine

So, how to clean a portable washing machine? Just follow these steps, and you will be amazed how convenient and effective it is;

  1. Cleaning the interior
  2. Unplug Your Machine
  3. Fill it with water
  4. Clean the Exterior
  5. Clean the lint filter

Cleaning the Interior

Cleaning the Interior

Cleaning your portable washing machine should begin by washing the interior of the machine. This is because you may need to rest your hands on the exterior parts of the washer while washing the interior, hence dirtying them. The following are the steps you can follow to keep both the interior and outer parts of your portable washing machine clean and working effectively. 

Unplug Your Portable Washing Machine 

Ensure your portable laundry machine is unplugged from the power source before you even start anything for safety purposes. Also, the machine must be empty to be sure that the washing process is effective. However, begin your washing by boiling water and getting your homemade washing solution available because it’s unnecessary to buy a washing product. Nothing stops you from making a homemade washing solution. It doesn’t require much effort. First, add one part of white vinegar to one part of hot water, and then add the usual laundry detergent.

Ensure to clean the holes of the inner washtub of your portable washing machine, grooves, and the edges of the door using the solution. Normally, dirt stores in these parts where mold and algae tend to grow.

The next step is to rinse your portable washing machine using the function of the device. Ensure the small corners of the machine have properly cleaned before rising.  

Fill your Portable Laundry Machine with Water

Add lemon to the portable laundry washing machine; this helps remove any rust, stain, or grime. Ensure you run a complete wash cycle and rinse your portable laundry machine.

Refill the washer with water again and add vinegar with baking powder. This will help you to get rid of any bad smell in your portable washing machine. However, leave the baking powder and the vinegar in the washer for about 30 minutes, and then run a rinse cycle to flush the dirt off your portable washer. 

If any stains inside your portable washer, add a bleaching agent to your device, then run a rinse cycle. Finally, ensure to rinse your portable washing machine with warm water to remove any remaining solvents in the portable washer. 

How To Clean Portable Washer Exterior

Do you clean the outer parts of your portable washer often? Well, if you haven’t been doing so, then you are in the right place. Cleaning your portable washer outer parts to remove detergent residue and some other stain that may have fallen off from your clothes. The following are the few practical steps you can take to keep the exterior of your portable washer clean.

After you are done washing the interior of your portable washing machine, turn off the inlet faucet feeding the machine. This is because it will shut the water supply to your laundry washer.

DIY Solutions to Clean

Boil water and add vinegar to form a vinegar solution. This solution is recommended because it is a fast germ killer. Open the lid of your portable washer to enable free air circulation inside the machine. This helps the inside of the machine to dry faster.

Soak a cloth in the vinegar solution and use it to wipe away the residue, dirt, and stain on the outer part of the portable washer, and you can add a small washing detergent for effective removal of dirt or stains.

Lastly, ensure you thoroughly clean all the pipe connections and corners of your portable washer and then allow it to dry.

Cleaning of the Lint Filter

There is a lint filter in your portable washer that collects lint during the washing process, so take it out and run clean water on it after every ten cycles. Rinse it gently and return it to the portable washing machine. The lint filters are normally located at the bottom of a portable washing machine, but if you don’t know where yours is located, do well to consult your manual guide.

How to Drain and Store Your Portable Washer

The fact is, a portable washer will still retain some water after rising. So, how do you go about draining the water off the device? You need to drain excess water from the washer before storing it. However, if your portable washing machine is moved during winter, you have to winterize it with an anti-freeze properly. This is the best you can do to have your portable washing machine ready for work anytime you need it. 

Draining your portable washing machine is quite simple; all you have to do is to: 

  • Tilt the hoses upside down for the water to drip.
  •  Allow the water in the pump to come out by tilting the front of the washing machine to the ground.

How to Winterize Your Portable Washer

Winterizing is essential to your portable washer because it protects against freezing within the hoses of your device when you winterize. Freezing affects the functioning of your portable washer. Pour a teaspoon of an anti-freeze and then run a complete wash cycle.

By doing this will help your portable washer to endure the moist winter conditions. However, remember to run a full cycle before you start using your portable washer again. You can as well use clove oil to kill mildew and molds in your portable laundry machine. Ensure your portable washer’s windows and doors are open because clove oil is quite strong. However, you can get clove oil in a chemist or a food store around you, should in case you don’t have it.

How Long Does Your Portable Washer Need Before it Gets Cleaned?

It is essential to clean your portable washer properly like any other machine. You may ask how often you can clean your portable washer; I would say regularly. However, you should be able to clean it at least twice a month. Cleaning your device frequently will prevent the device from molds, mildew, and bad smells from accumulating inside the device.

Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Portable Washer

While cleaning your portable laundry machine is necessary for maintaining its effectiveness. No one wants to do this every time, but the best way to keep and maintain your portable machine tidy is by emptying it immediately after use. 

As we all know that damp clothes cause bad smells or foul odors to develop molds and mildew, so always keep the lid of your device open to facilitate evaporation and prevent the development of molds and mildew.

More essentially, make sure you are using your portable washing machine for its designated purpose because some individuals use these devices to clean backpacks, toys, teddy, sneakers, and many more. These items might fail to cause noticeable damage to the portable washer at first, but they can damage the washer after extensive use.

Storage of Your Portable Washer

You need to be aware of ventilation when storing your device and ensure moisture in your portable washing machine to dry by slightly opening the door. However, if you plan to store your portable machine by covering it, ensure you use a material that allows air inside the device. Lastly, always store your portable washing machine in a cool, dry place and keep it out of reach of children.


In conclusion, always remember to dry your portable washing machine during summer, or else its electronics will be malfunction. Drying your device during summer will always prevent it and your clothes from getting that awful smell. If you are still wondering how to clean a portable washing machine, reread and apply the above-written solutions.

Cleaning and taking proper care of your portable washer doesn’t just extend its life span but also makes the portable washer more efficient so that it washes your clothes even better.

I hope after this guide you don’t have more to ask How do I clean my portable washing machine?

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