How to Unlock a Whirlpool Washer

How to Unlock a Whirlpool Washer

It probably came to you as a surprise that your washer isn’t opening, and you are looking for how to unlock a whirlpool washer. Any modern automatic washing machine has such a feature as blocking the laundry loading hatch.

This lock prevents the possibility of opening the door during washing and causing trouble.

But many owners, having noticed this malfunction for the first time, sound the alarm and grab the mount or other devices to unlock the washing machine door. Others get scared and look for the answer on the internet to the whirlpool washer door locked question to not break their device.

And they do it right because you don’t need to break the door with the mount, but to solve the problem correctly; you need to arm yourself with knowledge. On this page, you will learn how to open the washing machine if it is blocked and what to do if the washing machine door does not open due to a breakdown.

But to proceed with the “autopsy of the patient,” you first need to establish a “diagnosis”: First, I find out why is the whirlpool washer locked, then I answer how you force a washing machine to unlock.

Why is my whirlpool washer locked?

Several factors can affect a whirlpool washer control lock, varying from device to personal causes. In fact, if the machine door does not open, there is no cause for concern. After all, the reason can be completely natural and integral to the washing process.

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Locked during washing

When you start a washing cycle, any washer locks its door for safety reasons. Consider what would happen if no such lock existed and you or your child entered during a 90° cotton wash program and opened the door. The entire boiling water would spill onto your or your child’s feet, causing terrifying consequences.

whirlpool washer door locked

This locking system is required for security reasons. As a result, if a washing program is running, the door cannot be opened. If you still want to open the loading door, you must first stop the washing program.

Locked after washing

If the washing program has finished, but the door is still locked, do not worry. The hatch on most washing machines does not open immediately after the cycle is completed, but after 1-3 minutes. Again, this is done for security reasons.

Consider pulling the washing machine out of the socket during the spin cycle and immediately opening the door. After that, you stick your hand into the drum, which is still rotating due to inertia—possible severe injury.

unlock whirlpool washer

Another cause for this blockage is that the drum heats up during washing due to the high temperature of the water, and the lock heats up with it. If you open it immediately, you can burn yourself, so the lock needs to cool down.

Suppose you have just finished a washing program and the hatch is blocked, then wait a while (usually 1-3 minutes) and try to open it again. After that, it still didn’t open; hold the “control lock” button for approximately 3 seconds. You will hear unlatching sound, and the door will open afterward.

If it happens not open after trying that, then the possible next step to try is holding the “end of cycle” button down for a few seconds (not all washer has this). It will manually reset itself and opens the locked door.

4 easy ways to manually unlock the whirlpool washer

When the washer has finished the wash cycle, you want to take out the laundry as usual, but you noticed the whirlpool washer is stuck on the lock. What do you do? After all, leaving raw laundry to sour in the drum is not always the best of ideas.

Remember I said the door could open in the next 3 minutes due to how the washer was programmed. So if this is your case, and you have waited a bit, but the whirlpool washer door won’t unlock, you will have to open the hatch forcibly. I will tell you how to do it with these 4 easy methods.

Method 1 – Turn off the machine

Unplug the washing machine from the socket and leave it for 40 minutes or above. After, gently press the door in the lock area and try to open the hatch again.

How do you force a washing machine to unlock?

After disconnecting from the mains, power will not be supplied to the device, and after cooling down, it will return to its original position as the programming will completely reset. The door will open.

Method 2 – Emergency lock opening cable

Many modern washers are equipped with an emergency door opening cable. Its end is located in the hatch next to the drain filter. As a rule, it has a bright color – red, orange, light green, and yellow. To forcefully unlock the door, pull the cable.

Method 3 – Wire, rope, or bank card

Take a thin wire or rope and carefully put it behind the hatch in the castle area. The loose ends should be on the side opposite the lock. Pull the ends of the wire/rope in a lateral direction parallel to the hatch. The resulting loop will hook the “tongue” of the lock, and the door will open.

By the same principle, you can urgently open a locked door with a credit card. Put it under the hatch in the castle area. The card will press the “tab,” and the door will open.

Method 4 – Disassembling the washing machine

The process is relatively simple and quick, and it answers how you manually unlock a whirlpool washer. You only need a screwdriver and a flathead screwdriver to complete the task.

  • Remove the lid from the washing machine by unscrewing it with your hands or using a screwdriver if needed.
  • Remove the screws from the control panel with your hands or use an adjustable wrench if needed.
  • Pull out the top of the control panel and set it aside for now.
  • To get to the lock, you need to pull the top cover of the washing machine. Please note that in some devices, you must remove the back cover and then the top of the CMA.

If you look from above, the jammed lock will be visible. You can reach it with your hand. Next, press the latch tab, and the washer will open.


When the washer does not open after washing, duly follow all the procedures I explained and do not pull the door with force. The handle can break, and repairs will cost an order of magnitude more expensive.


How can I reset a whirlpool duet control locked?

To stop the cycle, press the ‘Pause/Cancel’ button several times. If water is in the tub, press the ‘Flush/Spin’ button. Unplug the washing machine or power supply for two minutes before plugging it back in or reconnecting it to the power supply. Look for a solution to the fault code.

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