Kuppet Washing Machine Not Spinning – Quick And Easy Fix

Kuppet Washing Machine Not Spinning

Your Kuppet washing machine not spinning? A problem may result from malfunctioning of the machine, some damage due to clothes overload, or clogging of the drain hose.

Let’s go through the various reasons that may lead to the machine’s failure to spin.

Why Kuppet Washer Not Spinning

There are many reasons for your machine’s spinning problem, and some of these are here!

Due to a malfunction

All electronic products have an inbuilt command system. You find that the device obeys the commands you send to them.

These commands for the portable washing machines get presented through function buttons. Some electric surges may occur and lead to damages to the internal parts of the devices. If the parts get destroyed by electric currents, then pushing the wash or spin button will result in zero activity.

The excellent news with purchasing from Kuppet is that if your warranty hasn’t expired yet upon the malfunction, they get to repair the device for free.

You will only need to avail your machine for repair, and the team will work tirelessly to fix the issue. If it fails though rare, the warranty covers you to receive a brand new Kuppet Portable washing machine free of charge.

But, if your warranty has expired, you may purchase legit spare parts which won’t be challenging to find. If the technician diagnoses electrical issues, the problem gets solved within no time.

Due to a Clogging in the Drain Hose

Due to a Clogging in the Drain Hose

When the washing machine doesn’t spin, try rechecking your drain hose. If a piece of cloth, especially the small ones, gets into the hose, it blocks the hose. This blockage will result in spinning troubles, and the next problem will be soaked clothes with water after a spin. If this happens to be the reason your machine doesn’t spin, after removing the obstructing cloth, your spinning gets back to normal. Clothes will not be water-soaked after the spinning cycle as well. You should try checking the drain hose for blockage and unblocking it for things to normalize.

It may be due to Overstuffing


You might be like many people not to love doing laundry. We fall victim to this character, not more than once. What happens after this becomes catastrophic. A pile of clothes accumulates in our laundry baskets to the point of overflowing.

From there, you will be in a rush to clean them and tidy up the place. If you stuff too many clothes in the machine in that rush, it may end up not spinning. If this happens to be your case, reducing the number of clothes in the washer and restarting the spin cycle will help. You may try doing this and recheck your machine for a spin.

Unbalanced Washing Load

Your Kuppet washing machine not spinning due to unbalance in the washing machine. Washing machines need balanced wash-loads to wash and spin effectively. If you wash heavy laundry, it clumps together, forming a sullen lump. This lump will become challenging to spin.

You will need to open the machine and turn the clothing around to achieve an even load. The spinning device finds it easy to spin well evenly distributed loads. Try this trick to see if your machine spins.

Your Motor may have Burnt Out

The machine motor runs to facilitate spinning action. If by chance the motor has burnt out, it may be troublesome to initiate a spin. In such cases, you will need a professional to replace the motor. This replacement will help solve the spinning problem instantly.

The Machine Could Be Unbalanced

How To Level A Washing Machine

This problem will occur once the washer gets unbalanced in that one side feels heavier than the other. An unbalanced washer automatically leads to irregular spin cycles. To sot-out this problem, you will need to level up the washer’s little legs. By so doing, the washer gets to stabilize, and the noisy and troublesome spinning stops.

Something Gets Stuck Between the Spin Bowl and Tub

Since the spin and washtub work in an adjacent manner, if anything gets stuck between these two places, you will find it difficult to spin your clothes dry. Make it a habit to check in between the tub and the bowl after every washing exercise. These habits will help you avoid spinning downtimes.

Kuppet Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Whenever you purchase a new Kuppet portable washing machine, you get a user manual. This user manual will assist you in navigating through using the device. You should follow the guidelines and load weights. By following these guidelines, you will avoid all the hiccups resulting from overloads. Keep the machine well connected to the faucets, too, and ensure your drainage system has superb functionality.

Tips to Resolve Spinning Problem

The following tips will help you prevent some user-related problems that mainly occur while using portable washing machines.

  • You should always load the correct amount of clothes into your washer. Although you may be in a hurry to do the laundry, never overstuff the laundry into the washer. The manual will give you the weight that a single wash can take. This weight allows for ideal washing, and when you keep ensuring the weight stays as required, your machine will always spin properly.

  • Check your drainage system often. For an effective washing experience, your drainage system should function properly. If some coins or buttons block your drainage horse, then you will have trouble draining the dirty water out. Poor drainage will result in soaked clothes even after spinning. Check the drainage hose often and remove any blockages on time. Your washing will always stay perfect.

  • Avoid interference of the pulsator. As the pulsator rotates, nothing should touch and interfere with it so if the spin has some troubles, check and remove anything touching the pulsator.

  • Always ensure that the inner lid and outer spin bowl lids stay closed. For you to initiate a spin cycle, these lids should be closed. You should check these lids as well if the spinning doesn’t work. After closing the lids, it might operate effectively.

  • Have the machine work from a level ground always. This portable machine has a small size ideal for camping and hiking experiences. These places tend to have uneven terrains that pose a challenge when you need to place something level. If the machine stands on uneven terrain, the loads and washer may become unbalanced. This placement will automatically lead to spin difficulties. Ensure that the device stays level, and your spinning will never be a trouble.

It would help to conduct some maintenance practice after every washing episode.

Steps for Routine Maintenance

Below you will find the steps to perform a routine maintenance procedure. Make this procedure your priority, and you will enjoy a long-lasting washing experience.

  1. Unplug the power code you use to connect the machine to a power outlet
  2. Check regularly and ensure the washer and spin timers get turned off – this will help you avoid short-circuiting or electric surges in case of power disruption. Some electric surges cause permanent damages to the washing machines. By putting the timers off, you prevent any electric damage until your next washing episode.
  3. Clean the inside units and the outside, often using a dump cloth. The cloth should also be clean. Cleaning the inside will prevent foam from soapy water from forming permanent stains, which will be difficult to remove. The washing also helps the stainless steel of the spin tub from staining. By doing this, your machine will always stay as good as new.
  4. Ensure you remove the hose from the tap every time you finish a wash. This removal of the hose will prevent rusting of the water inlet device of the machine. Rusting may result in a malfunction of the appliance, which might lead to permanent damage.

Get Professionals Help

The above guidelines you will find here will help you figure out the cause of the failure of your device not spinning. The Kuppet Company ensures that all its products meet globally acceptable standards. These qualities give you trust in their products. A team of professionals will respond when you need to repair or install new parts done to your machine. You will find many alternatives to fixing your current washing machine before considering purchasing a new device.

You should always check all the clues above when your appliance stops spinning. Surprisingly, your solution might be easier to find than you think.

The 3 Best Kuppet Portable Washers Reviews

It may be tricky sometimes to find suitable washing machine brands if not properly directed. This is because there are numerous brands in the market with different peculiarities. Therefore, every buyer must do proper research before purchasing any product to know the difference between authentic products and knockoffs.

One of the best brands with a good reputation in the washing machine industry is Kuppet. So, if you intend to buy a Kuppet washer, then you have come to the right place. In this piece, I explore the three best Kuppet washers great for your needs and how you can give them a quick and easy fix when they have spinning issues.

KUPPET Washing Machine Compact Twin Tub Wash & Spin Combo (16lbs)

KUPPET Washing Machine Compact Twin Tub Wash & Spin Combo (16lbs)
  • Easy to operate
  • User-friendly
  • Time and energy saving
  • Clean clothes effectively and dry well
  • Controllable washing steps
  • The machine is tranquil
  • Only suitable for a small load of clothes
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Kuppet Twin Tub Wash & Spin Combo 16lbs is a compact-sized washer great for apartments, dorms, motor homes, condos, camping, and RV’s. 

It’s a product with three basic modes: soft, standard, and drain. Any of these should match your mood while washing. Besides, this washer will save you space and time. It’s a time-saver, particularly during your rush hours.

When you put your clothes in the washer, you don’t need to worry about their condition when they start to spin. This is because you have total control over the spinning time. Therefore, you should expect to see your clothes without tangles and wrinkles. This washer is a novel technology that offers large pulsates to ensure that you enjoy an advanced washing effect with a low noise level.

KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine (21lbs)

KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine (21lbs)
  • Compact design
  • Feature an automatic drainage system
  • Large load capacity
  • Easy to operate
  • Cheap plastic for the control panel
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This washer by Kuppet is a portable product with twin tubs dual functions that make it possible to wash and spin dry loads simultaneously. With this, you can do the laundry of your family with ease.

Moreover, it features a user-friendly operation panel that makes the washer easy to operate by any user. Also, the built-in drain pump on the product automatically allows dirty water to move out effortlessly. The dimension of the drainage tube (43.3″) makes it ideal for your family. You can easily store it within a small space.

What makes this product different from some washers is its ability to dry out your clothes effectively. It does a great job in this area, making customers register a good moment using it.

Finally, this washer features a timer and powerful performance. It comes with a powerful 1300RPM dual motor with a maximum frequency of 60Hz. Its spin timer and wash timer are the best. The latter is 5 minutes per load while the former is for 15 min. With KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine 21lbs, you can save time and have a perfect wash.

Twin Tub Washer and Spin Dryer Combo (17lbs)

Twin Tub Washer and Spin Dryer Combo (17lbs)
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Offers effective cleaning
  • Features tight clamp for firm hose on the faucet
  • Only works for a small load
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This portable Kuppet washing machine comes with features that ultimately meet the needs of every potential user. Its compact size makes it ideal for RV’s, apartments, dorms, motor homes, condos, camping, etc. As a lightweight product with a small shape, you will enjoy its great flexibility and easy movement. 

As a user-friendly product, it features a clear blue lid. With this, you can easily see the water condition and give it good monitoring. Other features ideal for users includes the motor with eco-friendly paint and a power cord with UL certification.

This Kuppet twin tub washer and spin dryer combo are perfect for a small load and very easy to operate. All you need to do is fill the space with your clothes, put in enough water, set the timer, and watch it as the work is properly done. Besides, it comes with a drain tube that ensures that dirty water is well-drained easily.

Moreso, it has incredible time control. Its washer timer will only take about 15 min, and the spin timer will take 5 minutes per load of clothes.


In conclusion, if your kuppet portable washing machine not spinning, it can have any of the above problems. As much as portable washing machines have come to make our lives easier, they get faulty or non-operational once in a while.

These conditions don’t precisely mean that your device will never work again. The machines have input commands which, if something gets in their way, won’t function. So, you should read your user manual often to get equipped with the details of your machine.

Don’t panic because after fixing the machine, your washing will get back to the routine. You will discover Kuppet spare parts for portable washing machines readily available in the market. Kuppet gets international recognition making it a trusted brand. When you realize your Kuppet portable washing machine doesn’t spin, relax, and you will fix it in no time. A malfunction always gets a solution.


How do you fix a portable washer that will not spin?

If your washer stops spinning, try to take the following steps:

● If the clothes have jammed, open the lid and reposition them.
● If the lid switch is faulty, get it out, test it, and replace it if necessary.
● In case of a loose, worn-out, or broken drive belt, you can tighten it or get it replaced entirely.
● If the issue is with the controls, you may need to call a professional to help out.

Why is my washing machine washing but not spinning?

The major problems responsible for why the washing machine is not spinning include overstuffed machine, unbalanced load or washer, faulty lid switch, inadequate (or no) drainage, or motor trouble.

How do I fix the spinner on my washing machine?

To fix the washing machine spinner, follow below steps:

● Step 1: Disconnect the machine and turn the water supply off.
● Step 2: Open the machine’s lid to check and see if the agitator is in its correct position. If not, set it right either by tightening the bold or reseating the agitator.
● Step 3: Remove the access panel at the back of the machine.
● Step 4: Assess the drive belt to see if it’s loosed or worn-out/cracked. If it’s loosened, tighten it to fix the spinner issue. Replace it if worn-out or cracked.
● Step 5: If replacing or tightening the drive belt fails, replace the drive motor with a new one.
● Step 6: Check under your machine to see any black substance indicating a clutch problem. You may want to call a professional for this.

Is Kuppet a good brand?

Kuppet is a great brand that offers different unique appliances. Some of the Home appliances it produces include a washing machine, food dehydrator machine, refrigerator, ice maker, pressure cooker, vacuum cleaner, and water dispenser.

Where are Kuppet products made?

Kuppet is a reliable and trusted French company with washers made in France.

Is Kuppet legit?

Although Kuppet is still a young washing machine company, its verified brand with legal backing, its customer service is reliable, and it offers top-notch products that meet customers’ needs.

Does Kuppet Portable come with washing Instruction?

Kuppet products come with washing Instructions which makes washing clothes easy. The process basically includes:

• Ensuring that the electric connection is set up properly
• Connecting the Inlet hose with your bathroom/ kitchen faucet
• Adding detergent or liquid soap to the washtub
• Filling the machine with your load of clothes
• Setting the timers and water level
• Watching as your clothes get dry

How does a twin tub washer work?

You will see a twin tub washer with two tubs. The first tub is meant for washing, rinsing, and soaking, while the second tub helps with spinning out moisture from the clothes to get them dry quickly.

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