Maytag Bravos Washer Problems

Maytag Bravos Washer Problems

If you’re a lover of Maytag home appliances, you may be interested in knowing about Maytag Bravos Washer problems.

Maytag is a top-rated manufacturer of home appliances with a good reputation over the years. It’s a brand that features numerous models, one of which is bravos.

Maytag Bravos washer is designed to last for a very long period with a few maintenances. Nonetheless, it’s still susceptible to faults.

Like other appliances, Maytag Bravos, at a point when used, may develop some problems that may require solutions.

So, if you’re planning to purchase this product or have already purchased it, it’s crucial that you know what these problems may be and the common solutions to them. With this, you can have it working for you for decades.

About Maytag Appliances

Maytag is one of the earliest producers of appliances. It has been around for more than a hundred years with its products used in different households. Interestingly, Maytag appliances are affordable and user-friendly.

Moreover, Maytag appliances are known for quality and power. Its dishwashers are great recommendations for after-meal cleanups.

About Maytag Appliances

Its laundry washing machines feature timesaving qualities, working effectively to remove stains or dirt and keeping any garment in good condition.

Maytag is a brand preferred by numerous people because of its impressive customer support, long-lasting performance, and stunning warranty on every appliance.

Some of the available Maytag Bravos washers include Maytag MHW8630HC, Maytag MVWB850WL, etc.

The 5 Common Maytag Bravos Washer Problems

In every home, one of the indispensable appliances is a washer. Everyone gets to put on a clean and nice outfit.

Due to the importance of washers, which results in how they are frequently used, there is a possibility that a time will come when they will be faced with problems that need ideal solutions.

If you’re experiencing Maytag bravos xl washer problems or Maytag mvwx655dw1 problems, a Maytag bravos washer troubleshooting manual will be of great help in this situation.

Below are some Maytag Bravos MCT washer problems include:

Spinning Problems

What could be the cause that the Maytag bravos washer won’t spin? Maytag Bravos can stop spinning if the lid is open. This is to ensure that unwanted accidents do not occur. The appliance can also stop spinning if the lid is defective.

A worn-out, broken, or loose belt can make the washer not spin. Also, a worn-out or broken motor coupling can stop the washer from spinning. If the door latch fails electrically or mechanically, it can lead to no spinning.

Your washer will be affected if the motor control board develops an issue.

Solutions to Spinning Problems

  • Do a continuity test for the lid switch assembly using a multimeter. You should replace it if there’s no continuity.
  • Replace a loose, broken, or worn-out belt.
  • Replace broken or worn-out motor coupling.
  • Inspect the door latch and test for continuity using a multimeter. If there’s no continuity, replace it. Besides, if the door latch is damaged physically and can’t be closed properly, you should replace it.
  • Inspect the control board using a multimeter. If it’s not sending any signal to the motor, you should replace it.

Loud Noise Problems

If your Bravos washer is producing a loud noise, it can be that the bearing is broken/worn-out, the drive pulley has cracked or damaged, the drive belt burnt out or cracked, or the motor coupling has failed.

maytag bravos xl washer troubleshooting

Solutions to Loud Noise Problems

  • Replace both the outer and inner tub bearing.
  • Check and replace cracked or damaged drive pulley.
  • Check and replace a burnt-out or cracked drive belt with a new one.
  • Replace broken motor coupling.

Washing Machine No Power No Lights

Washing Machine Brands To Avoid

Draining Problems

Is your Maytag Bravos washer not draining? It can be that something is stuck in the drain pump. It can also be because of a clogged hose, problematic switch or door lock, broken or worn-out water pump belt, or bent, twisted/kinked drain hose.

How To Drain A Washing Machine

Due to a Clogging in the Drain Hose

Solutions to Draining Problems

  • Clear the obstructions from the drain pump. If the problem is with the pump, it’s better to replace it.
  • Remove the clogged hose first, then any obstructions therein.
  • Test the switch and lock for continuity using a multimeter and replace them if there is no continuity.
  • For a  broken or worn-out water pump belt, check if they are made for your washer.
  • Straighten out any bent, twisted, or kinked drain hose.

Shaking or Vibrating Problems

Is your Maytag Bravos washer shaking or vibrating? It could be because of a broken or worn-out shock absorber, broken suspension rods, broken counterbalance spring, broken suspension spring, or defective tub bearing.

maytag bravos washer troubleshooting manual

Solutions to Shaking or Vibrating Problems

  • Correct or replace any displaced or broken shock absorber.
  • Replace any broken suspension rod.
  • Replace any broken spring (changing all the springs is advisable to prevent future challenges).
  • Replace a broken suspension spring.
  • You can either change only the bearing or both the bearing and the rear drum, depending on the model of your washer.

Leaking Water Problem

Maytag Bravos washer leaking wager can be because of damaged or cracked drain pump, leaking tub seal, leaking or torn door boot seal, and drain hose disconnection.

Washing Machine Leaking Water

Solutions to Leaking Water Problem

  • Replace damaged or cracked drain pump.
  • Replace the tub bearings and the tub seal. Before changing them, ensure that you check for other issues that could cause the leaking problem.
  • Replace torn door boot seal.
  • Inspect drain hose connection and fix it’s not connected correctly.

Are Maytag Bravos any good?

Yes, there are many amazing washers on market.


It’s always good to have deep knowledge about the brand you use and the problems that may occur when using the appliance that it produces.

You may expect Maytag Bravos washer problems due to how the appliance is used frequently. But if you can take the proper steps to fix them, you can save yourself from buying a new one. You should know that Maytag bravos xl washer troubleshooting is something you can do by yourself.


Please review the following questions about Maytag Bravos washers:

Is Maytag Bravos a good washer?

Maytag is a great brand that manufactures quality appliances. It produces machines that meet the needs of its customers irrespective of their levels. Maytag Bravos washers are significantly durable. They come with a stunning warranty that leaves customers satisfied.

How long do Maytag Bravos washers last?

As a famous brand in the appliance manufacturing industry, Maytag won’t do anything to jeopardize the good reputation that it has been building for more than a century.  Users can enjoy Maytag washers for not less than a decade.

How do I reset my Maytag Bravo washer?

Straightforwardly, reset your Maytag Bravo washer by disconnecting it from power for about 3 minutes. This will cause a dissipation of the electrical charge from the washer, allowing it to reset. If this doesn’t work, you can try to unplug the washer again, but make the time 10 minutes.

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