Portable Washer And Dryer Sets For Apartments

Portable Washer And Dryer Sets For Apartments

If you want to stop spending money on laundromats, consider portable washer and dryer sets for apartments.

This one-time purchase will save you the inconvenience of luring your laundry around every few days.

Portable washers are excellent additions to your house if you are narrow for space and have limited laundry requirements.

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If you are a hand washer, this is a great time to get one of these machines; get a manicure, and your hands won’t be dry and wrinkly anymore; washing will no longer be a dreaded exercise to you anymore.

I have scoured the internet for the best portable and dryer sets. And these are rated from the best of the best downwards.

KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Washer

KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Washer and Dryer Sets for Apartments
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This washer is on the higher side of washer price ranges, but the features more than make it worth the price. It comes in white and grey, and is a top loader, with a washer capacity of 18lbs and spinner capacity of 8lbs. The washer is energy efficient, and it only consumes 110 Volts.

The drain tube is long, which is good to reach the sink when the washer is pumping out gray water; it is compact, making it easy to store when not in use. The washer has two inlets, one fills the washer, and one rinses when spin-drying.

The knobs on the operation panel are user-friendly to help you choose drain options, washer types, and the timing for washing and spinning. The washer does 1300 Rotations per minute, which is very powerful and efficient and will agitate the water enough to draw all the dirt from your laundry.

The washer is big, but the dryer is not. If you do a full load of laundry on the washer, place half on the spin dryer first. Your clothes will tangle up because of the powerful motor, and you will have to iron them.

SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Washing Machine

SUPER DEAL Gravity Drain Pump and Drain Hose Portable Compact Washing Machine
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With over 2500 positive reviews on Amazon, this washer is not only affordable but at 22 lbs, it is also lightweight for a twin tub washer. It can wash clothes of up to 5.5 lbs, and its dryer capacity is 4.4 lbs. They upgraded the motor, the pump is made of aluminum, and the washer’s body has made of durable hard plastic.

It is quick and efficient, with its real rinse feature that deeply rinses your clothes twice. The washer and dryer have two different timers. Because of the twin tubs, you can wash and dry your clothes simultaneously if you have separated your laundry according to color or fabric.

So, you wash whites and transfer them to the dryer while washing colored clothes. These portable washer and dryer machines save a lot of time.

Unlike other washers that specify what laundry soap to use, this washer doesn’t discriminate. You can use powders, liquids, good old-fashioned laundry bars, tablets, or pods.

The dryer won’t completely dry your clothes, and the machine is relatively high for a portable version; it easily clogs up, and the spinner is quite aggressive so that it will pierce some of your clothes.

Despite many positive reviews, there are many complaints about faulty deliveries, so be careful while getting this machine. You will have to buy connectors for the hoses to fit with some of your faucets.

Giantex Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine With a Perfect Spin Dryer

Giantex Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine With a Perfect Spin Dryer
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This washer is sleek and fully automatic. You can choose between selecting six wash programs and 3 water level options to meet your laundry requirements. There is an LED indicator on the control panel.

The inner tub has made from stainless steel and has been designed with a honey-cob structure, and you won’t have a problem with rust stains or corroded metal. There is a light in the washer, and this light notifies you that the washer’s lid is open. You can also use the light as a guide when your room is dark.

The washer also has an auto unbalance detection that balances the washer’s vibration and keeps it quiet. The washer has an automatic shutdown feature that kicks in after 10 minutes of use.

Pyle Portable Washers Upgraded Version

Pyle Portable Washers’ Upgraded Version and Dryer Sets for Apartments with Spin Dryer
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Pyle’s great washer makes for a washer and dryer combo and is energy efficient with a load capacity of 7.7 lbs and a motor that consumes 250 watts for the washer and 33 lbs and 120 watts for the dryer. It is a mini portable washer that has dual tubs for your convenience.

The washer is electric and will have a power cord and drain hose. It is easy to use, all you have to do is throw in some detergent and water, and clothes, and it is good to go. You load this washer at the top as it can handle the large load of clothes in it.

There are knobs to control the washer you can spin to time the wash load, select the program you want to work with, one to control the drain function, and a spin timer. The washer doesn’t require any assembly, and you can unbox it and plug it into a power plug and begin doing your laundry immediately.

As long as you have a sink to drain the grey water, you won’t need to upgrade your plumbing. It won’t take up too much space, but you will have to drain the water so that you can rinse your laundry. It will do great with a limited laundry size.

Portable Washing Machine Nictemaw

Portable Washing Machine Nictemaw: 1.66 Cu.ft/15.6Lbs Capacity Full-Automatic Compact Laundry for Apartments
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The Nictemaw washer has a compact, sleek design, with 8 water level options, an LED display, and ten wash programs. The most notable features include child lock, the auto-balance feature, and the program delay time.

If you have kids, you won’t have to worry about them ruining the machine or getting hurt in it. The delay time is perfect for schedule enthusiasts or super busy people, just set everything and schedule the laundry program to begin later.

An unbalanced washer is a noisy washer. Unbalanced laundry can easily damage the washing machine. The auto-balance feature kicks in automatically to balance your clothes and save the washer.

The only downside to this is that you will have to section the clothes into bits to wash them, but that is expected because the portable washer is smaller than full-sized ones. You can’t use just any detergent. They include the precise detergent to use for this washer in the instruction manual.

Portable Washing Machine Compact with Twin Tub Washer and Dryer Combo

Portable Washing Machine Compact with Twin Tub Washer and Dryer Combo for Dorms, Camping, College Rooms, and Apartments
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This washer is a top loader, made by Cosvalve, and comes in grey and white. It is shaped like a cuboid, which makes the thinner base easily fit in tiny spaces. Anyone can understand the rotary controls, and the dual drums are great time-savers. The washer is designed to use less water and detergent, which is suitable for your purse strings in the long run.

The dryer’s motor is not so aggressive that it ruins clothes. The downside to this is that it will dry at least 90% of your clothes’ moisture content. Hang them to dry after time in the sin dryer. The washer will take 15 minutes to complete a load and 5 minutes to dry them. The washer can handle 10 lbs, and the dryer, 7lbs. Its power supply of 110v/60Hz saves you energy while being efficient.

The washer depends on gravity to drain, so put it on a raised platform to drain effectively. The hose Cosvalve provides is 4ft long, which will be problematic since it may not reach the intended sink. Do not store it in a humid place.

Amazing Tub Washer And Dryer

Single Portable Washer and Dryer Sets for Apartments: Amazing Tub Washer And Dryer
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This is an electric washer and dryer by Sensors, that has a 3kg washing capacity. It is small and can be stacked in the bathroom or laundry room without taking up too much space. The powerful washer only uses 200 watts, which will help reduce your electric bill.

Both the washing and drying function is done on one drum, and you won’t need to transfer your clothes from one drum to the next, drain the water, and then change the settings from washing to drying.

Washing your clothes won’t take long, just 15 minutes, and you are done. The dryer is actually a spinner that squeezes water from your washed laundry until all the water drains out. The spinner is not that powerful and will leave your clothes damp, and you can hang them out to dry.

The spinner is meant to reduce the time it takes for clothes to dry up. The dryer will take 5 minutes to finish wringing out the water. The washer won’t make too much noise unless the clothes inside are not placed evenly.

Giantex Portable 17.6lbs Mini Compact Twin Tub Washer

Giantex Portable 17.6lbs Mini Compact Twin Tub Washer Spain Spinner Transferrable Washing Machine, Blue+ White
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The Giantex washer comes with twin tubs as well. The washing tub has an 11lb capacity and the spin dryer, has 6.6 lbs. It has been designed to have a filter net to catch lint when cleaning. When delivered, all the hardware has packed well, and you can quickly build your washer. The 300 Volt washer and 100-volt spin dryer are potent and effective to do your laundry.

After some time, the drainage will begin to leak. The drain pump has been made using flimsy plastic material that will become porous over time. The spinner and dryer may stop working unexpectedly, and the company’s customer care is not friendly enough to help you. They have a fantastic device, but it is not worth the uncertainty.

FIXMSV Compact Portable Washer with Mini Washing Machine Spin Dryer

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This is a lightweight washer and dryer perfect for your small apartment and dormitories. Its dual function makes for great value for your money.

The wash cycle is 15 minutes, and it takes 5 minutes to dry them, so you can conveniently schedule a wash cycle during breaks within a busy schedule.

It has made of hard plastic, which promises longevity, and twin tubs, one for the washer and the other for spin-drying. The plastic make ensures stability when you run both functions at the same time. The maximum load of laundry the washer can handle is 10 lbs, and the dryer can handle 6.6 lbs. The machine itself weighs 22.6 lbs.

It would be best if you were careful not to overload the machine since it won’t work effectively. It is meant for households with limited laundry requirements.

Kapas Upgraded Compact Washing Machine

Kapas Upgraded Compact kps35-735h2 Washing Machine, 2-in-1 Fully Automatic Washer and Spin Dryer
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This top-loading washer works in stealth mode. It is tranquil, and you can study or sleep while the laundry washes. It has an automatic shut-off feature that is triggered after 10 minutes of running. The drum inside is 1 to 3 feet and has a 3.5kg capacity.

There are eight wash programs you can choose from, and you can set your washer to begin washing after a specific time. The indicators are LED, which are power savers and bright enough to see from afar. It has a water level controller to ensure you don’t overfill it.

The washer used to have a short drain hose, but they corrected this and made it longer in 2019. The drain hose can now reach your sink or designated drainage area. The dryer function will not involve heat but a spinning mechanism to remove excess water from your clothes. You will have to air dry them for a while to get them completely dry.

Firstly, you will have to get a connector to connect your hose to the faucet, and the connector is readily available on amazon. You can also use a bucket to fill the washer in case you don’t have the connector.

Cutiesky Portable Mini Washing Machine

Cutiesky Portable Mini Washing Machine, Semi-Automatic, Three Functions of Washing Shoes Washing Clothes and Spin-Dry
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This washer is the epitome of portability. You can place this machine on tables and countertops, and it weighs 11lbs, which makes it light enough to carry around; it is small enough to store in tiny places, which will have a positive effect on your space constraints, and time because you won’t have to find a laundromat to do your laundry.

You can use this for multiple functions other than laundry, and the washer is perfect for washing your shoes using the two modes programmed in the washer. It will clean your sneakers effectively, and if you are a new mom, your baby’s laundry will be well done. These cycles both take 15 minutes to complete.

This space-saving design is perfect for RV living, camping, apartments of all sizes, and dorms.

The washer has transparent parts that allow you to watch your laundry cycle’s progress; in case of anything, you can recognize a problem and adjust your clothes accordingly.

The washer is relatively small, and you will have to separate your laundry into small heaps for effective washing; this might take a lot of time to finish your entire household’s laundry.

Portable Hand Powered Mini Manual Washing Machine

Portable Hand Powered Mini Manual Washing Machine
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This washer comes in a cylindrical design with a handle that you rotate to churn your clothes. It also has a pulsator at the bottom. When the pulsator works, the washer’s cylindrical shape makes the clothes move around in the opposite direction of where the pulsator is sending the clothes.

Since it is hand-powered, you don’t have to worry about that electric bill. It is a perfect choice for cleaning all delicate clothes, including silk fabrics, woolen clothes, baby clothes, and underwear. It is user-friendly, just throw in your laundry, soap, and water, and you are good to go. This mini manual machine is a non-electric machine that comes with a spin dryer combo.

Since it features two-in-one functionality, there is also a spin dryer. The spin dryer is gentle on your delicates and won’t unravel them. You may find it hard to insert the hoses when setting up, and the spinning may be tiresome and quite a workout. The washer is affordable, but you can find better washers in that range.


Do portable washer dryers actually work?

Yes, that work. Portable washers and dryers are great options for your household.

Is there a washer and dryer that doesn’t need hookups?

Yes, there are plenty of washers and dryers without hookups.

What is the best washer-dryer combo for apartments?

There are many great portable washer-dryer combos for apartments. You can check in the text, the best 12 combos.


There are a lot of criteria to choose from, so select which washer suits you the best. In addition to functionality, please check the user reviews for the customer care personnel to support your washer in case of problems. Delivery of these products isn’t always successful in that you can get a faulty device. You may endure an incredible loss in case you pick a non-customer-oriented brand.

In this age of environmental protection, it is nice to join the movement by buying energy-efficient appliances. You can have a fantastic portable washer and dryer set that can help you quickly dry and rinse your clothes. This will not only save you money but will help reduce your carbon footprint.

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