Small Portable Clothes Dryers

Small Portable Clothes Dryers

We can all agree that small portable clothes dryers rank high among the greatest inventions of all time.

They save you time and money, and if the dryer is portable, it saves you space. A study has shown that almost 80% of households in the US have a clothes dryer in their home.

Portable clothes dryers are just miniature vented or ventless dryers

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Most classic dryers have vents for dispensing moisture to the outside of a home through the roof or side.

These are very expensive to install and manage because most apartments and houses won’t let you drill holes for vents on their walls; your heaters even work more to dispense off the air during winter, which is not energy efficient.

Ventless dryers, however, are used effectively without the need for a vent.

When you live in a limited space like a small apartment, you sometimes have to choose between one appliance and another.

So, the innovation of portable electronics enables you, in your small living space, to own miniature versions of everyday appliances like cookers, washing machines, and dryers that you can put away after use to save on space but gain functionality.

Are Portable Dryers Safe?

I am sure you are concerned if vented dryers dispense air, gases, and lint outside, where does the waste in ventless dryers go? Am I at risk of a mold infestation from my dryer?

Condensation can form below dryers, and negligible water pools may collect in pools, and you can have mold growing in that area. To be safe:

  • Firstly, wipe under your dryer while cleaning your house.
  • Secondly, don’t place the dryer on soft surfaces.
  • Thirdly, if your dryer is in a small enclosed space, open up the space to aerate it and vacuum often to remove dust.
  • Will the build-up of heat from my dryer pose a fire risk?
  • Ventless dryers have in-built lint collectors that are removable, which means that lint won’t be floating in the air in your house and flaring up. There is no risk of fire when using a portable dryer.

The Best Portable Clothes Dryers

Panda Electric Portable Compact Laundry Clothes Dryer

Small Portable Clothes Dryers
  • Saves Energy
  • Mountable on Wall
  • Some customers consider its quality not reliable for longer
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The dryer comes in either black or white, uses 110 volts /60Hz, takes 850 watts, and is a front loader. The tub inside is made with stainless steel, making it durable, sterilizing your clothes before drying them. It comes with a power cord, a Vent Pipe for exhaust fumes, a mounting kit, and leveling legs.

You can use this dryer as the central dryer for your house, RV, or dorm and as a secondary dryer for busy areas like the gym, where laundry is done frequently. The dryer is fast and takes between 20 and 200 minutes to completely dry laundry, depending on the type of fabric and the drying program you choose.

You can choose between cool, warm, hot, and air dry, each with different timing. Their automatic shut-off function is a very cool feature that saves you energy; the dryer will shut off as soon as your clothes are dry.

You can mount this dryer on the wall, and Panda includes a wall-mounting kit. It is only 40bs and is easy to carry around. You can get a lint catcher attachment if you live somewhere you can’t vent the exhaust outside.

Magic Chef MCPMCSCDRY1S MCSDRY1S Laundry Dryer

Magic Chef MCPMCSCDRY1S MCSDRY1S Laundry Dryer
  • Have filter for clean air
  • Have multiple dryer options
  • Sometimes creates awful noise
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The Magic Chef is a free-standing dryer that can handle a capacity of up to 2.6 cubic feet and has a PTC heating element.

It has knobs to control your dryer and a swinging door with a small viewing window where you can watch your laundry tumble around. The adjustable timer control will help you time your dryer; you can choose between five dryer options.

The dryer can be plugged into a 110v plug and work efficiently. You can mount this dryer on a wall, and it also has four leveling legs for when you place the dryer on the ground.

The dryer also has a filter that makes sure only clean air gets into your device. The dryer gets quite noisy with time.

Panda PANSP21W 3200RPM Portable Spin Dryer White Stainless Steel

Panda PANSP21W 3200RPM Portable Spin Dryer White Stainless Steel
  • Worth for small places
  • Gives the best drying quality
  • Sometimes customers find different quality than the advertised
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This is a stainless steel dryer that fits well in Apartments, Dorms, Mobile RVs, and boats. It measures 13.5 x 13.5 x 25.5 inches and weighs 22 lbs. This is a spin dryer that spins at 3200 rpm to dry clothes and not heat them. You can use this device after hand washing clothes.

The dryer doesn’t completely dry the clothes but removes excess moisture from the clothes, leaving them a little damp, reducing the time to air dry them on the hanger.

It uses gravity draining, which allows you to use it without placing it on a sink or drain. You just need to place the outlet in a bucket to collect the water. Also, the dryer has a safety locking lid and rubber feet to prevent accidents.

You can connect the dryer to a 110v outlet, and it will work well. For this device, you will get a dryer and a rack in white. This dryer is meant for occasional household use and not a continuous or commercial operation. Continued use will affect how the machine works.

COSTWAY Electric Portable Clothes Dryer

COSTWAY Electric Portable Clothes Dryer
  • Automatic operating features
  • Get clothes without wrinkles
  • Produces a little noise
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This dryer can be considered a large-capacity front-load dryer. It has a 3.22 ft 3 capacity and can dry a laundry load of up to 13.2 lbs, so it is easy for you to clean a whole family’s laundry in one washing. 

The motor unit uses 120v/60Hz, causing the inner drum to heat very first from the heated hair will dry your clothes in good time while emitting very little noise.

The internal device is S-shaped, which dries your clothes forward and reverse. The reason for this kind of tumble action is to prevent your clothes from getting wrinkles or tangling together.

Because this dryer is so quiet, you can place your clothes in it and go back to studying or sleeping. The most outstanding feature is that you won’t have to disrupt your activities to keep checking whether the clothes are dry.

The dryer features an automatic shut-off function. It measures 60 lbs and can mount on a wall or placed on the ground.

KASYDoFF Portable Clothes Dryer

KASYDoFF Portable Clothes Dryer
  • Prevents overheating
  • Foldable
  • Energy Consumption
  • Takes a longer time to dry
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This is an excellent choice for a dorm or a small-family household as you can fold the dryer without disassembling it. It has a stainless steel make and a waterproof dacron cover. It has three tiers that will hold up to 15 kg of clothing in one load.

Because you hang the clothes on hangers before drying them, the clothes don’t wrinkle. This will reduce the time it takes to iron clothes. Meanwhile, it has 12 towel bars to hang your towels to dry them efficiently.

The dryer controls the amount of temperature it emits while using a thermostat to prevent overheating.

KASYDoFF dryer comes with a wireless remote control to control your device without having to interrupt your work. The dryer uses anion to heat-sterilize your clothes from mildew spores, smells, pollen grains, bacteria, viruses, and mud. It measures 12 lbs and requires 1500 watts to function, moreover it will take a maximum of 4 hours to dry your clothes.

Moreover, placing too many clothes on this dryer will make it take extra hours to dry them, thus wasting energy; remember to space them out. Similarly, the heater may heat up and burn the fuse.

COSTWAY Ventless Laundry Dryer

COSTWAY Ventless Laundry Dryer
  • Foldable with a tripod stand
  • Saves from overheating and burning problems
  • Tripod is not a reliable equipment
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If you’re looking for a ventless option for your dryers, then this is the device for you. This dryer is foldable and comes with a removable tripod-like stand, so it is an excellent choice for dorms or other tiny living spaces. The dryer uses a warm air motor that heats up at 60℃, which gently dries and sterilizes your clothes.

Also, you can set up the dryer to heat up between 30 minutes and 180 minutes. The heater doesn’t heat up to a flame, which keeps you safe from burning down the house. Above all, when you purchase this dryer, you will get the hangers and brackets needed. You can also use the removable dryer cover as a mini wardrobe if required.

The dryer’s tripod is not stable and will fall over if you don’t support it.

Why Is My Dryer Squeaking

Best Large Capacity Top Load Washers

How To Get Detergent Stains Out Of Clothes

Best Clothes Portable Dryer – My Pick

There are plenty of great and high-quality dryers on market. You looked at every dryer and you still don’t know which one to take?

My pick for a great and amazing portable dryer is COSTWAY Electric Portable Clothes Dryer that you should consider.

COSTWAY Electric Portable Clothes Dryer

COSTWAY Electric Portable Clothes Dryer
  • Automatic operating features
  • Get clothes without wrinkles
  • Produces a little noise
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How Much Does it Take to Run A Dryer for One Hour?

Dryers use more energy than most of your other applications. They use electricity to heat and condense the air inside the drum. Others have cool LED displays, and some energy will go into lighting them up.

In the US, electricity costs approximately 12 cents to run 1000 watts for an hour; depending on your dryer’s wattage, you will use about 50 cents for an hour’s worth of drying.

When you shop for a dryer next, conserve more energy by looking for the energy star logo on appliances. You can also buy a dryer with a moisture detector that switches off automatically when the clothes are dry. This will save you money in the long run.

How Much Does it Take to Run A Dryer for One Hour

You can also save energy with your dryer by cleaning up the lint trap, drying clothes with the same texture together, and doing multiple laundry loads at once to keep the energy a dryer uses to heat (Energy, 2020).

What Brand of the Dryer is Most Reliable?

One of the most reliable portable clothing dryers, as voted by 784 US shoppers on Amazon, is Costway. Costway dryers are energy efficient and are designed by size to cater to all types of users.

You can buy a small tumble dryer with 1.5ft 3 or more prominent ones for a bigger house. The dryers come with many controls and features to handle heavy laundry like bedding and towels with ease, or light clothes.

You can also control your laundry by choosing from a selection of cycles depending on your need. Costway dryers also have timed dry, which allows the dryer to turn off automatically once your clothes become dry. The dryers are also pocket friendly, going by the prices available on Amazon relative to other brands.

The Best Types of Portable Dryers

When you look at dryer features and specifications, it is hard for you to distinguish the differences in brands. Most dryer brands have negligible differences in what they do; as long as you can dry your clothes faster than it takes you to air dry them, the other features are not considered significant.

To decide which dryer is best for you, you need to check the little distinguishing factors: the capacity, energy use, the types of dryers there, and features.

To buy a dryer, you need to know how much weight it can take in one load. It would help if you considered that your dryer’s load capacity doesn’t represent soaked clothes but dry clothes’ weight.

How Electric Dryers Work

There are two types of ventless dryers; a condensation dryer and a heat pump dryer. Condensation dryers are connected to a sink and a tap. The tap water channels the heat out of the dryer (Priddy, 2020).

You don’t have to ventilate them as much, so you can store them anywhere; they’re generally more expensive.

Heat pump dryers use a repetitive process to pull air from the room through a heat pump. The cold side condenses it into a drainpipe or containment tank, and the hot side reheats them for reuse.

Heat pumps use less energy than any other type of dryer (Leverette, 2020). These are more expensive but more energy-efficient.

This type of dryer doesn’t vent heated air or water vapor, so your laundry room won’t be humid. A caveat is that energy efficiency may take you years to equalize the price.

Features of Portable Dryer for Apartments

Depending on your pocket, you can get a dryer with simple features or stainless steel drums, extended tumbling cycles, temperature choice, cycle options, and no-wrinkle functions as you up the scale.

Consider the Noise

Some dryers can be really noisy. Living in an apartment means that your neighbor can sometimes hear the smallest noise from your house.

It is essential to consider the noise level your dryer will produce before purchasing a dryer. Consider getting dryers with anti-vibration or getting anti-vibration pads for your dryer.

Front Loading or Top Loading

Front-loading tumble dryers allow you to install them anywhere; under a countertop, stack them with your washer. Top loaders are perfect if you’re placing the dryer on the ground and not stacking it with a washing machine.

There is no blanket best type of dryer for everyone. The best way to know the best kind of dryer for you is to have your space recommendations, the prices, and the features you’d want in your dryer.

How To Hang A Clothes Dryer

Below you can check a video on how to hang and install a dryer.


What Size is a Small Tumble Dryer?

A small tumble dryer is around 1.5 cubic feet. You can mount it on a wall or a countertop while it dries your clothes. You can also stack it with your washing machine. It can handle a load of up to 5.5 lbs.

How long does a portable dryer last?

If you take care of your portable dryer, it can last 10-15 years.


There are several options to choose from when getting portable electric dryers, and there are dryers that are very energy efficient. Also, there are dryers that fold up and remain obscure when not in use, and those that can carry a lot of laundry in one load.

Most importantly, consider those that use little wattage because of energy efficiency. Washers have price ranges for every buyer, and you can get excellent high-quality dryers at any price point, so you don’t have to dent your pockets to get a dryer.

Secondly, check the buying guide and manual information about a machine before getting it. It is a good idea to check user reviews for how companies treat their customers in terms of returns and replacements for faulty devices because faulty devices are not something new. So, to get the best small clothing dryer for you, you have to observe the machines keenly.

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