Think Gizmos Portable Washing Machine – Why Have This Portable Machine?

Think Gizmos Portable Washing Machine

This particular Think gizmos portable washing machine is one of those absolute necessities, but finding a suitable one to meet your needs may be challenging.

Can you imagine surviving without a washing machine in today’s modern era?

This TG23 portable washing machine is the best choice for those looking for compact machines for their small apartments or who have no space in their homes for full-sized ones. It comprises a spin dryer and is perfect, especially for longer trips where you need lots of cloth cleaning.

Let us discuss some of the core features, pros, and cons of the product. Also, we will be discussing the technical details of the product to decide in better ways.

Think gizmos washing machine Description

Depending on what was being washed by the machine, overcrowding is not a good idea. If there is any overcrowded load of clothes, you won’t be able to do the cleaning properly. Moreover, if the machine is overloaded, the clothes are rubbed against each other a lot. And, the same causes them to look older faster and to pill.


Although a portable might not be able to compete in terms of total ability with full-size units, there’s no question that it will be sufficient for washing loads on vacation, camping trips, and so on. When you realize how many people’s laundry you’ll be dealing with, power is key! 

This portable machine comes with about 2 different capacities. Yes, its washtub capacity is about 7 pounds, and the spinning has 4.4 pounds.


This Think gizmos tg23 is durable and is lightweight, weighing only 11 kilograms. It is made of the best quality as compared to other products in the same domain. The development comprises of 7 pounds washing tub having about 4 kilograms spin tub capacity. Each tub has its timer, and each tub has various wash modes.

Think Gizmos Portable Washer Functions

This portable washing machine is normally much simpler than its full-size counterparts, but some of the same models have a few different cycles for handling various fabrics. It’s something to keep in mind if you have a lot of other products in your laundry. As it rotates about 1440 times per minute, so it is a perfect machine to get rid of the thick stains.

Our machine does not make too much noise like traditional machines. Its efficient motor makes it less noisy. 

Some people find that it starts vibrating when washing at higher speeds. During washing as well as spinning, the machine makes lots of vibration and rattles a lot. This issue just rises in case of imbalance, so better maintain or place your machine in a balanced place to overcome such rattle issues. 

Here are some of the high-quality features which increase the demand for this portable machine!


The size depends on the amount of space available for a portable washing machine. In a caravan, you might be looking for something ultra-compact. It is the best compact and lightweight machine as it shows how perfect it is for your compact spaces. 

Control Features

This portable washing machine is not difficult to operate as you will get the operating dialer on top of the machines. Set the time for your washing cycle. It can be 15 minutes or even less than that. The best part is that both tubs have separate timers, so set it according to your needs or clothing demands.

Simple to use

The product is simple and easy to use. You only need to add clothes, water, and detergent. You can then start the machine. Once done, give it a spin to try out and rinse through. You do not have to get stressed about washing, as its water hose and filter all are at the same place. So, just get the detergent and water and start your washing cycle easily. 

Lint Filter

A unique feature of this machine is its Lint filter. Yes, it comes with a filter which will rise up while washing and collect all the debris while the machine is performing your clothes washing. So, you will have an extra feature for free, for which people pay a lot. So, this machine saves you a lot of money and a perfect fit for your confined area. 

Why Have This Portable Machine?

This portable washing machine is the latest product on the market, having a spin dryer. The machine features two tubs having one for spinning and one for washing purposes. Spinning up to 2 kgs is entertained by the machine—a perfect lightweight and portable machine for confined apartments or flats. 

This machine is perfect for so many reasons like it needs no plumbing. It only requires water access and drains areas. Machine wash cycle lasts 15 minutes on any wash, i.e., soft or normal. Moreover, the spin cycle lasts up to a maximum of 5 minutes, meaning that you can wash clothes for the required time.

Think Gizmos Portable Washing Machine
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Summing it all up, Think gizmos portable washing machine is something you must go for and surely never going to regret it. As said earlier, if you are adventurous and love camping, the product is the best choice. Moreover, if you are staying in a small living area or planning to move in same, you can choose this product. So, get this time, space, and detergent saver right now!


Is the machine user-friendly?

Yes- The product is user-friendly, and one can operate the same very easily. The system is very easy and needs no technical knowledge.

Is the product cost-effective?

Yes! You can fearlessly purchase the product from Amazon, and it is worth it. You surely won’t ever regret your purchase.

Is the product available at Amazon?

Yes! The product is widely available for users on Amazon USA. You need to click the URL given in this content, and you will surely love the same. Moreover, the product is affordable and is portable, plus ideal for adventures, camping, and caravans.

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