Washing Machine Brands To Avoid

Washing Machine Brands To Avoid

Most first-time buyers have had to return machines for repair or exchange, so the better is knowing the washing machine brands to avoid.

One should avoid such brands which are not worthwhile and come with high prices and low features. To solve this problem, I have decided to write this article for first-time buyers and you. I will be explaining some brands to avoid, those to buy, and some factors to bear in mind when buying.

Here are the top 3 washers, that we recommend. You can read below for more info – pros & cons about these products. Also, we will explain which brands you should avoid.

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Which Washer Brands To Avoid

There are some washing machine brands you should avoid to save on time and money. They include:

1. Whirlpool model WTW8700EC

2. Samsung model WA85N675BV

3. Samsung model WA13M8700GV

4. Haier model HWX8040DW1

5. Speed Queen AWNA62SN305AW01

While considering this, it is good to bear in mind that at times, tables turn. The most reliable brand can produce a bad model, and vice versa is true. 

Besides identifying some brand models to avoid, you need to know the best machine brands. Then out of the best, you identify the most reliable and the best type; front-loading or top-loading. Features and factors to put into consideration are crucial too. 

Keep reading for this and more information!

Why Should You Avoid These Brands?

People avoid certain washing machines either because of their features or poor services. Sometimes quality and high prices can be a reason as well. Some brands provide quality services or high-quality features at economical prices, so why waste more money in getting the same features and quality. Let’s look at the five models mentioned above and see where they go wrong.

1. Whirlpool Model WTW8700EC

While Whirlpool is a reliable brand in the market, this washing machine model is different. It has a remote control and app features, but the app keeps losing connection with the machine. It is not easy to re-connect.

When it comes to the performance of its task, the results are not satisfactory. You will often find clothes with spots wrinkled or not being clean. So, this brand has high technology, but quality and setting are not compatible. 

2. Samsung Model WA85N675BV

It is inefficient when it comes to water conservation. It consumes around 199 liters for one wash. This makes it hard for those living in arid areas to use it. A big brand name but the quality and features are not reliable. 

3. Samsung Model WA13M8700GV

This is the other model of Samsung with high water consumption. Experts have given it a 0% water efficiency as it consumes about 200 liters per wash. These challenges occur in top loader machines. In this ecological era, one always looks for eco-friendly washing machines which are made of eco-friendly material and do not consume much water

4. Haier Model HWX8040DW1

This model of Haier brand allows you to run two loads at the same time but has its downside as well. Has a 55% performance on cleaning cloths. It is so gentle on them that it leaves stains. Since it is a 2 in 1 machine, its price is so high. Unfortunately, it is not efficient in spinning; thus, clothes take longer to dry. People always avoid such washing machines which took a long time, as time is precious, one cannot spend the whole day on laundry. 

5. Speed Queen AWNA62SN305AW01

This brand has been rated at 44% for dirt removal and spin efficiency. This leaves your clothes dirty, and they take a long to dry. It is more expensive than most machines. Its maintenance cost is almost twice the original price. It is also inefficient when it comes to water maintenance. 

It has no range of wash options and features. This makes it difficult for you to separate fast-wash and woolen clothes. One cannot spend much money to get something that wastes their time and is low in technology compared to more standard brands. 

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Washing Machine?

The must consider points while buying washing machines are cost, efficiency, spin cycle, size, and load capacity. These are some of the basic factors to consider when choosing a washing machine. They are crucial to the quality and performance of the machine. Getting these right will ensure a smooth time when cleaning your clothes. Let’s take a look at them! 


You want to buy a machine that will be affordable and at the same time give value to your money. With all these brands and models in the market, you may be spoilt for choice. Checking out their reviews will help you rule this out. How much do you have, and what are you willing to spend? Remember that high prices do not always guarantee quality. So, the washer and dryer brands to avoid are those which have high prices but poor reviews. 


Whatever machine you settle for should be efficient enough to save on power and water. Some brand models use up to two hundred liters of water in one wash, while others use half the amount. The number of rounds you are going to do the cleaning depends on the size of your family.

Size and Load Capacity

We can measure size using either the interior drum or the size of the machine. How big the drum is can also determine the capacity of the machine. This defines the size of the load of clothes that the machine could take in at a time.

When it comes to the size of the machine, you should consider your storage space. Where are you going to place the machine? How much space is there to accommodate it? Such questions help you decide on the size of a machine you will buy.

Spin Cycle

The spin cycle determines how dry or wet your clothes will be. In the first part, we came across some machines which required you to dry the clothes for a long after washing. Consider the largest degree covered by the machine when it comes to spinning.

The Most Suitable Washing Machine Brands to Get

There are some machine brands you should preferably go for;

Super Deal Portable Compact Washer, Panda PAN56MGP3, and COMFEE PortableCapacity Automatic Machine are the best. This is according to the research done. We have also considered various reviews given by different users. Let’s have a look at them!

Super Deal Portable Compact Washer

This mini portable washing machine is one of the high-standard washers. This machine comes with many top-quality features:

Super Deal Portable Compact Washer
  • It is efficient in minimizing power and water
  • This machine has a 5.5 cubic feet drum, allowing for large loads
  • Perfect machine for compact places
  • It comes with twin tubs, A spinner, and a washer
  • It comes with separate controlling timers
  • Not perfect for heavy loads
  • Not completely automatic
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Panda PAN56MGP3 Automatic Portable Washing Machine

This top washing machine-producing brand is also unique in features. This machine is the perfect fit for your small apartments or dorms. It is people’s choice for many reasons:

Panda PAN56MGP3 Automatic Portable Washing Machine
  • Completely automatic system, you can perform functions on your own as well
  • This machine has an LED display for monitoring
  • Have 10lbs capacity of washing
  • It Saves time and energy
  • Have 10 washing programs and 5 water levels
  • Quick adapter with inlet hose
  • Some customers find it noisy and annoying
  • Sometimes can be delivered broken (that can be due to shipment as well)
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COMFEE 1.6 cubic feet Capacity Automatic Portable Washing Machine

This washer is also perfect in choice; its high-quality material and other features have made it customers’ top priority. Another space-saving washer is perfect for compact places.

This front-load machine has better features compared to others in its category.

COMFEE 1.6 cubic feet Capacity Automatic Portable Washing Machine
  • This machine is completely automatic
  • It comes with6 wash programs
  • Have 11lbs wash capacity that is 1.6 cu feet
  • Stable power and durable quality motor make it energy efficient.
  • It comes with a child lock- a perfect safety measure
  • See-through Led display to monitor
  • Easy usage
  • Not high load bearer
  • Not economical
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Washing machines are basic in every household. To get the best out of them, you need to consider such factors as size, as discussed above. Likewise, pay attention to their reputation, to know which to buy and which washer dryer brands to avoid. This will save both your time and money. We have collected some of the best to help you choose the most suitable brand for you. There is a list of brands you should never go for to save your time and money. Also, some machines have high technology but low features.


1.  Which type is better? Front-loading or top-loading?

I would recommend front-loading washing machines. Though they are more expensive, they have wash features to accommodate all fabrics. They are also more efficient when it comes to saving power and water. Their cleaning is of a higher quality too.

2. What are the three basic features to look for in a washing machine?

Washer dryer: most times, they are separate from the washer. It helps dry out your clothes faster, so you do not have to hang them for long. It is best for those living in low-temperature areas.
Wash settings: these ease the whole washing process. Wash settings allow you to adjust the machine according to your fabric type.
Timer: it helps you set the time for your clothes’ wash. With it, you can tell when to remove the already clean or add some more fabric.

3. Which is the best place to buy a washing machine?

Consider buying machines from either Amazon or Home Depot or their company shops. These sources are trustworthy, and you are likely to come across machines of the best quality. It is also possible for you to get a warranty as well as a variety to choose from.
Before buying the machine, visit their website to have an idea of whatever they are offering. From the site, you will also be able to have a look at their various prices. You can also get reviews of the machines and feedback given by former clients. 

4. Which is the quietest washing machine?

When you look for a noise-free washing machine, don’t forget to consider the Haier I-Pro Series 7 HW80-B14979 8kg washing machine. It is the quietest and most efficient machine. This washer is not only quiet but also has drum lights. It also offers twenty minutes for a detergent-free refresh cycle.

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