Washing Machine No Power No Lights

Washing Machine No Power No Lights

Everyone quickly thinks that repair and maintenance are often required when the washing machine no power no lights issues. However, before you perform a complete repair and maintenance, there are some parts you can check and basic troubleshooting you can perform.

Washing machines are household appliances that clean clothes. They are typically used to wash clothes and linens in a home but sometimes fail when you are in urgent need to wash clothes.

A washing machine is an electric-powered device designed to wash clothes, sheets, and other fabrics by spraying them with water and detergent. The first washing machine was invented in 1843 by British engineer Sir James W. Simpson. However, you do not have to call a technician straight away when it fails to power up.

This article will teach you how to diagnose washing machines with no power no light problems and fix them. You will also learn about the parts of the washing machine and what they do, and how to make sure that your washer is running at peak efficiency.

Why is my washer not lighting up?

You do not have to be worried about not having prior knowledge in engineering. All you need is to distinguish between a red and black cable. This guide will cover all of the information you need to maintain your washing machine and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

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There is a solution

Regardless of your washing machine’s brand, I intend to broadly address what to do when your washing machine has no power and no light, which is also a fairly common fault.

Like the other frequent faults, it happens from time to time. The washing machine stops working, and you wonder, why would a washing machine suddenly have no power?

Why is my washing machine completely dead?

The first thing is to be clear that it is not the end of the device. It is only enough to check some elements and if not, request the expert look of a professional in washing machine repair to solve the problem, but check the fault first before you do.

How do you fix a washing machine that won’t turn on?

First Step

You must ensure that the plug is connected to the outlet before you start an independent repair of the washing machine that won’t turn on. Perhaps the reason is that household appliances are de-energized. After all, we often forget to check the most precise option and immediately sound the alarm.

Then you check the availability of electricity in the network. To do this, you can connect any electrical appliance and check its performance. You can try this with another device like the hairdryer or alarm clock. If there is electricity, the machine is connected to the network, but it still does not turn on. It’s time to start the repair.

How do you fix a washing machine that won't turn on?

It could also be an electrical fault such as a lack of voltage, insufficient current, etc. In this case, you can check the module with a voltage tester to ensure there is a voltage in the circuit, and if you notice there is no voltage, you can fix it. However, you can check the circuit breaker also; if your house uses one, turn it off for five seconds and then turn it back on.

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Another option is that the cable that goes to electricity is damaged and therefore the electrical energy is not reaching correctly. An alternative is the washer lid switch, activated while the washer runs and can cause failure. To begin with, de-energize our washing machine by removing the mains plug.

Does the network cable work?

The washing machine’s power cord may break if it is misused. It frequently frays or breaks after a while. You’ll use a multimeter cable to confirm if this is the issue.

It is preferable to replace the complete cable if a break is discovered. You may use a twist or a soldering iron to locate the cliff and correct it in severe circumstances. However, we do not advise you to go this route.

Break the button that turns on the washing machine

If your washing machine model isn’t brand new, the problem might be related to the washer’s power button. The switch is wired using two wires.

Why would a washing machine suddenly have no power?

You’ll need to use a tester to make sure these wires and the button are in good functioning. We’ll put the switch through its paces in both the off and on positions. If you use a multimeter to identify a button that isn’t “ringing,” you should order a new one and replace it.

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Module and command device

If all of the checks above reveal that everything is in order, you may go on to the next probable cause: module failure. I do not propose fixing or replacing the washing machine’s electrical module on your own. This is for people who lack the necessary expertise to address similar issues.

Is there a reset button on washer

A new electronic module is often a costly component. As a result, it is preferable to contact a specialized service and schedule an appointment with a technician. However, before reaching a specialist, you should look for other potential issues.

Interference filter malfunction

The interference filter is most likely broken. Only some items, such as a television, radio, and computer, require this portion of the washing machine. When the gadget is turned on, there should be no interference.

If the washing machine is operated for an extended period or short-circuited, it may break. Three wires are linked to it at the input, and two are attached to the output. We’ll also call it with the aid of a tester to ensure that everything is in working order. If it’s broken, we’ll replace it with a new one.

Lock fault

If the lock is faulty, you may notice the following issue: the indicator lights up when connected to the network. However, even with the hatch closed, the wash does not begin.

When the washing machine is switched on, check if the voltage is at the lock. If there is tension and it does not perform its functions, you must change it with instructions on how to replace the lock in the video independently.

Integrity violation and open circuit wires

Some cables may come into touch with the washing machine’s components during operation. Friction and cable breakage are possible outcomes of this circumstance.

They can also be decoupled from the vibrations of the mounting sockets. If you want to find out what’s wrong, you’ll need to closely look at all of the cables. This inspection will enable the detection of the problem. You may also use a tester to phone suspected locations.

I trust that this information will assist you in resolving the issue. Have a pleasant repair!


If you go through all the processes explained in the article and are unsure why your washing machine is not lighting up, it is better to consult a specialist.

In particular, if the washing machine does not show any damage, it is advisable to consult an electrician rather than opening the device yourself. Because you will potentially destroy the components if you try to repair the washing machine yourself.


Is there a reset button on a washing machine?

In most washing machines, a reset button is not provided. Usually, the button that starts the program performs the function of this button. Don’t confuse this button with the machine on or off switch.

However, in some machines, you can hold and press the power or start button for up to 5 seconds. Release the button afterward and press the play or pause for another 5 seconds. This process automatically resets some washing machines.

Why is my washing machine completely dead?

A short circuit cut on the control board often leads to a defective washing machine, making it completely dead. As a result, the device can no longer start at all. A repair of the control board is rarely possible.

Depending on which component on the circuit board is defective, you can also repair it yourself. However, the entire circuit board has to be replaced in many cases. Depending on the age of the machine, replacing it is no longer worthwhile. The circuit boards are not cheap to get.

Are there fuses in a washing machine?

First of all, there are very many models of washing machines. The same manufacturer in different models of washing machines can stuff the fuse in other places.

The most common locations for a fuse in a washing machine are at the bottom of the power cable in the washing machine, immediately next to the control card. It could also be within the power supply and at the end of the power cord in the socket.

In some models, there is no fuse in the washing machine. If you need to change a fuse on these models due to a lack of power, it would be in the control panel and not the washing machine.

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