Why Is My Dryer Squeaking

Why Is My Dryer Squeaking

Why is my dryer squeaking is a frequent question these days. In fact, it’s a situation several individuals pass through. And if you must know, dryer squeaking can be overwhelming, requiring a possible solution.

You must understand that a dryer squeaking is never a normal tear and wear – it’s an indication that one of the dryer’s parts has worn out and needs to be repaired.

Therefore, if you face such a challenge, you should know that numerous factors could be responsible. The prominent causes include not lubricating the roller wheels or bearings properly, a worn-out dryer belt, a problem with the idler pulley, faulty drum glide bearing, and a faulty motor or bad bearings.

Why is my Dryer Making a Squeaking Noise?

Do you have a dryer that squeaks each time you run a cycle? This can actually be disturbing. But the truth is, you can’t leave it that way; less, it worsens. You need to know why it’s squeaking and look for a possible way to deal with it, or you should get a new clothes dryer.

Here, I will be exploring the common causes of a noisy dryer. With this, you will know the culprits behind the irritating squeak of your dryer.

1. Inadequate Roller Wheel or Bearing Lubrication

Here, you may hear a sound from the bearings or wheels on the bottom of the appliance. The dryer will slightly move as it runs (perhaps with bulky loads). Check the legs or wheels on the bottom of the dryer.

why is my dryer making a squeaking noise

If they are uneven or loose, then that may be responsible for the squeaking noise. Moreover, small foreign objects (such as paper clips, coins, or other similar items) in the drum or lint filter of the dryer may be responsible for the squeaking sound.

How do I get my dryer to stop squeaking?

To eliminate the squeaking noise, you can attempt greasing the wheels or bearings up with a little WD-40. Sometimes, you may need to tighten them if the dryer sits on screwed-in legs.

Inadequate Roller Wheel or Bearing Lubrication

If the issue is caused by small foreign objects, you should get them out. Do this by inspecting the lint filter, unplugging your dryer, and checking the opening. Then retrieve any found stuck object using work gloves.

2. Worn-out Dryer Belt

There’s a high tendency that a dryer belt may worn out or crack over due to how dryers run at high temperatures. Do you hear any squeaking sound from the top of the dryer?

How do I get my dryer to stop squeaking

I would advise you to check the belt to see if it has cracked or loosened. This is because it could be the actual cause of the problem. How can you inspect? Unplug the dryer first and open the dryer cabinet.

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How do I get my dryer to stop squeaking?

Get a bar soap or spray belt lubricator and rub it on the dryer belt. Apart from helping to fix the squeaking noise, this will also prolong the life of the dryer belt.

However, if your belt shows signs of wear, it may be better to order a replacement part and install it to avoid another issue.

3. A Problem with the Idler Pulley

The dryer squeaking sound maybe because the idler pulley has lost traction and calls for replacement. Can you hear the dryer squeaking sound from the bottom?

How much does it cost to fix a squeaky dryer

This is a sign that something has gone wrong with the idler pulley (an automatic tensioning device on the dryer belt)

How do I get my dryer to stop squeaking?

Inspect the state of the idler pulley. A dryer squeaking could be that the pulley when is loose or broken. In this situation, you may either go for full pulley replacement or have only the wheel replaced, depending on the type of dryer you have.

4. Faulty Drum Glide Bearings

When your drum glide bearings are faulty, it could result in dryer squeaking. This issue will make a rubbing or squeaking sound towards the dryer’s front. This part assists the drum in gliding when rotating against the front seal smoothly.

How do I get my dryer to stop squeaking?

You should inspect to see if the glide bearings are worn down. You may decide to replace the part even with minimal signs of wear. Also, the front seal may need replacement at the same time if damaged by the faulty drum glide bearings.

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5. A Faulty Motor or Bad Bearings

A faulty motor is not identified by a burning smell but by grinding or squeaking sounds. Is the back of your dryer producing a squeaking sound?

This may be the problem of a faulty motor or bad bearings. It’s crucial that you seek a quick solution because the motor can be broken by the grinding bearings.

How do I get my dryer to stop squeaking?

You should unplug the dryer, open the unit up, and see if the bearings need replacement or lubrication. To replace the motor, you may need to remove clamps, wiring, or the pulley. If you find that difficult to handle, it would be best to hire a professional to do the job.

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After knowing why your dryer is squeaking, you shouldn’t waste time getting the problem fixed. Do a thorough investigation to see if you will need to repair your dryer or replace it.


Please, review the following questions for more  information:

Why does my dryer squeak until it warms up?

A worn tub support roller, worn blower squirrel cage bearings, worn front glides or felt, worn belt idler pulley, worn rear drum mount bearings, or even worn drive motor bearings may cause squeaks depending on the model and make of your dryer.

Most dryers are observed to operate at 240 volts-this can be fatal.

Is it safe to use a squeaky dryer?

The cause of dryer squeaking may be traced to the bearing or drive belt. To cause squeaking, the belt can slip on the motor or drum. If this occurs, you may need to change the belt. However, if the case is not addressed, a fire could occur.

How much does it cost to fix a squeaky dryer?

To fix a squeaky dryer, the average quote by an appliance repair technician is between $300 and $400. Nonetheless, this cost will be determined by what is needed to be fixed.

Depending on the kind of dryer you use, you may expect to pay a diagnostic fee that ranges from $30 to $80.

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